Quick Notes

On the job front, did my training today so I could start my new, at home/use my computer job. They seemed surprised I actually wanted to find out what the missing sentence on the bottom of the first page of the mis-aligned, oft-photocopied contract I signed, but humored me and found an original for me to read. And made a copy of said contract when I requested it. No one else in my training group insisted on these things. I just figured being able to cover my 1099-contract-employee butt with documentation is not a bad thing, especially living in ever-litigious California!

Also finally got ahold of my second family to tutor, and finished reading today the over 200 pages of manual required to find and fill out all the official paperwork for my Federally funded, Los Angeles Unified School District administered (both famous for their prodigious paperwork) job as a tutor in the No Child Left Behind program. Thank goodness I don’t have a full time job, so that I can have time to get these things done!

So that’s five children I will be tutoring this time, from two different families, all in fifth grade or less. This year I will be doing math tutoring, in addition to English. I figured, pre-Algebra, I should be able to figure it out on my own.

And next month, I should be rolling in the dough from these efforts, right? Yeah…. not. But some bills will be getting paid, that’s for sure!

Enough about me, on to news of the larger community:

This is the building I have decided I will be getting a job at soon enough. I meditate in its direction, focusing on its beauty at least once a day.

Puttin' Up the Ritz

Puttin' Up the Ritz

It is the new JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton building. The tower part is the Ritz, and the top floors will actually be residences for sale, and the shorter part is the one labelled JW Marriott. I have been following the JW Marriott twitter feed, because I love following new construction, and this is a building that looks like it’s just down the street when you look off to the left from the fire escape here.

It is part of the construction boom going on in downtown LA known as LA Live (the Times Square of the West!) in the area called South Park. Condos, apartments, all very tall buildings going up. This is the tallest, and also the farthest south. At night, searchlights have been sweeping it, so you can’t help but notice its progress, day or night.

Officially it won’t open until 2010, and neither business’s websites say anything about hiring anyone yet. Come on, it’s a mile away, and it’s huge, therefore they will be hiring tons of people. I have my eye on the night auditor position of the hotel. Graveyard shift. I have met other people with that job at hotels, and it’s about 3 or 4 hours of actual work, and then watching movies, taking naps or hanging out with friends for the other hours. I think I can handle the stress level of this job. But it is necessary. The reports are all the financial totals of the previous day’s business, and of course double checking that everything balances and nothing looks suspicious and all that normal fun accounting stuff, and correcting or noting or researching it if it doesn’t. But usually it does, thus why the down time.

And it’s right next to LA Live, the Nokia Theatre and the Staples Center; in fact, looming over them. I suspect there will be some perks to working there.

All part of my plan to have no commute to speak of from my apartment, and finally be able to have no car. Because the other thing about the new blue building is that when the sun sets in the west, the windows are angled such that it pretty much blinds the motorists heading east on Olympic.

New Blue Glare

New Blue Glare


I think it a lovely building. It always reminds me of those new funky shapes they are building in Dubai architecture. You see it from the side, how it balloons out. Like it’s a sail with a puff of wind behind it.







But wait, I need to find a photo of it from the side! I have been taking photos of it for months, so my fascination with it is not new. However, I seem to mostly take frontal shots.

The Slightly Billowing Blue Building

The Slightly Billowing Blue Building


Even this is not a great shot of the building billow, I need to go back on one of the bridges crossing over the 110 freeway downtown to get the best shot. It is very noticeable from the side, like a baby bump on an ultra thin model.

You think I am silly to determine my next full time job will be there, that meditating on it will make a difference. But that is how I have previously found places to live, going, wandering, fixating on some area or building, and then, maybe months later, after the move, discovering that same area found during a midnight ramble is mere blocks from my new home. That has been the case the last few moves I have made. Freaky weird.

This time, I figured I would do it in reverse. Fixate on the building and area, knowing full well where it is in relation to where I am living and have that be where I work. Let’s see if it comes to fruition. Regardless, I will continue taking pictures of the place. It’s so wonderfully photogenic, towering over all the much lower, older buildings.

She Dazzles under Moonbeams...

She Dazzles under Moonbeams...

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