That Face

I’ve been seeing billboards around town for a new show on TV, and kept seeing this face, driving me nuts as to who it was. I knew the face, I knew I had watched him perform in some previous TV show. As I was on my Sunday walk to meet with the friend’s niece, and I was staring at his face yet again on the side of a bus passing me by at Pershing Square, I finally remembered.

I remembered watching the actor had been a guilty pleasure, that the show just didn’t quite do it for me, and yet I kept watching, to see if it would get any better. It got cancelled in that first season. I remember I used to watch it on my TV (before the digital transition when I still had a signal), and someone sent me a screener copy of an episode to me at my work place because they thought it would help me with my screenplay I was taking a course working on. That means it had to be the 2007 TV season, since I quit my job in  2008, before last year’s TV season began. A-ha!

I tried to focus on the guilty pleasure part. Was he a bad actor and just eye candy enough to keep me riveted? The title of this new series he is in started me thinking about places, maybe the title refers to a place in Australia? Why was I thinking of Australia? Wait, he had an accent, not noticeable in the role he played, as he and the leading lady were both from English speaking, non-American countries. He was from Australia! And yes, he was the guilty eye candy pleasure, but not really. Once he took his shirt off in one of the episodes, I thought he thought too highly of himself. Big turn off.

This is the billboard I keep seeing for Three Rivers, his face the middle of the three:

And here he was as the star of Moonlight:

Alex O’Loughlin, that’s his name! Had to go to IMDb, just to figure that out. Apparently he has a huge following. Just in trying to find some images of him, there’s the Alex O’Loughlin Rocks! fansite, where the billboard picture came from, and for your cache of more modelling, sexy smouldering shots, there’s Alex-O-Loughlin based in Germany. Oh and look at that, CBS was the home of Moonlight, CBS is now the home of  Three Rivers. Guess they like this guy.

What I always thought of as funny was the fact that the female star of Moonlight, Sophia Myles (the blonde here with her back to us in the above photos), played a human; but when I first remember noticing her was in Underworld, where she played a vampire.

And that Alex O’Loughlin is in that new movie White Out, with Kate Beckinsale, who played the protagonist in Underworld, as a vampire and Sophia Myles was her quasi -rival/sidekick.

So you see, instead of the Six Degrees of Separation with Kevin Bacon game, really it is time to be playing how is everyone connected to a vampire character? Who hasn’t played a vampire, will soon be the question, what with True Blood and The Vampire Diaries  and those Twilight movies now on these days. We have come a long way since Dark Shadows. Or have we really?

In finally remembering Mr. O’Loughlin’s name and where I had seen him before, I discovered that I had missed the last seven episodes of Moonlight! There on IMDb it said, 16 episodes. Huh, I last saw Sophia Myles’ character stab in the chest the ex-wife (formerly a vampire) of the Alex O’Loughlin character with a wooden stake, and him protesting, but she was human now! What did happen after that?

After a night of watching all missed seven episodes, I now know. Phew. And all for noticing a face on a billboard. Gotta love the internet!

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8 Responses to “That Face”

  1. lanouette Says:

    Glad you are converted 😉 Knowing Alex is loving him. Can’t wait to see Alex O’ in Three Rivers. Thanks for the nice article

  2. lynnrxgal Says:

    Good thing I had insurance on the rental car — I almost wrecked the car when I saw the billboard for Three Rivers with Alex O’Loughlin!

  3. MichaelC2B Says:

    I can’t believe what you said about Alex “thinking too much of himself” – and a “big turn off”?! Wow. Not only is Alex O’Loughlin a brilliant actor and a charming man, but he is one of the most modest people I have ever seen. He is gorgeous with or without his shirt on, and all of his work is excellent. Moonlight got caught up in the writers strike and problems with CBS and should never have been cancelled – but that was then, and now I am excited about Three Rivers and his upcoming movie The Back-Up Plan.
    The first time I saw Alex in the preview for Moonlight, I immediately found out all I could about him and have now seen all of his work. The man can do no wrong on film! I take it that you meant to be humerous with your little story about trying to remember where you saw “that face”, but you missed the mark. Alex has many loyal fans, and he is on his way to being one of the biggest stars ever.
    There is absolutely NOTHING that is a turn off about Alex O’Loughlin, but I did find your negative comments to be a HUGE turn off.

  4. MichaelC2B Says:

    Correction on above typo – “humorous”.

  5. redroomsalon Says:

    Wow, who knew that a post on Alex O’Loughlin would be the most viewed post of my blog to date? Thanks to all who took the time to contribute comments, and remember, these are all just opinions and everyone is entitled to have them. 🙂

    • Moonlighter Says:

      Well, if you hit on a sizzling hot topic like Alex O’Loughlin, you’re bound to get some hits. You should check out info for The Backup Plan which he stars in with Jennifer Lopez, coming out in January. He also starred in The Journey of Mary Bryant which was an Australian release, but an excellent movie. If you checked IMDb, I’m sure you’ve seen his list of work–some good, some great and some he’d probably like to forget (can you say “Man Thing?) Anyway, you really should jump on board — this man is the next “IT” guy — no doubt about it!

  6. Jen Says:

    Sweetie, you had no way of knowing that Alex O’Loughlin fans devour any mention of him anywhere. 🙂

    Alex is actually a very modest and self-effacing person…he’ll be the first to downplay his talent and his appeal. In the early Moonlight days, he was genuinely perplexed at the number of fans he had amassed so quickly – and anything perceived as negative is going to raise the hackles of his dedicated fan base.

    Give some of his other work a try – I suggest season six of The Shield or a little-known Aussie film called Oyster Farmer. Alex’s range as an actor is impressive and every character he plays is believable and real.

    Thanks for giving our Alex a mention!

  7. Moonlighter Says:

    OH! and I agree with MichaelC2B — Alex is the last person to be “full of himself” and appears to be one of the most down to earth, genuine people in show business today. There are many of his fans that have met him in person who will attest to that. Check out and join the love for the new show and for Alex.

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