FU, Penguin has a book out. Yet another blog turned book. ‘Nuf said.

My downstairs neighbor listens to classical music. Whenever I walk into my bathroom, his music wafts through the air shaft. Somehow it is soothing to get a hit of Wagner or Mozart when taking care of business, a respite from my musical stylings in the living room.

I am dreaming up things to do with my tutorees for tomorrow. Should I be the nice new teacher or the stern taskmaster in our first full session? And you know how I thought tutoring math would be no big deal for fifth grade and less, thinking it was pre-algebra? I was sadly mistaken. I don’t remember doing any of these sorts of problems when I was in fourth and fifth grade, as evidenced by the test I gave them. Yikes, I will be reviewing math to be able to teach them, looks like. Which one’s the Y coordinate and which the X? And how do you graph an algebraic equation on the Cartesian coordinate plane? But hey, one is just having problems with division, like I remember having problems in third or fourth grade, so maybe we’ll just start with that. I can handle that, while boning up on what I don’t remember.

Oh, and in my previous post about the heat, let’s just say that everyday this week my Google newsfeed tells me the temperature of (somewhere in) LA is in the high 90s. I think that qualifies as hot. It is nearly freakin’ October! What happened to the low 80s, high 70s of a few weeks ago, like normal weather?

And that at home job on the computer I got? So far, for several hours worth of work on my part, I have made four whole dollars. Yeah. That will really pay the bills. Good thing I got called in for a second interview at the business that is willing to give full benefits for a four day work week. Will hear back next week. In the meantime, I broke down and applied for a receptionist position at an affiliated company to one I used to work at. That would be amusing to start all over again, same position, as when I first moved here to LA ten years ago. And probably for very similar pay!

I think I have been staring at the computer screen too long. I got up to walk in the bathroom, not bothering to turn on the flick-flick-flickering fluorescent overhead, and before nearly tripping over the napping cat lying in front of the toilet to catch the wafting breeze from the air shaft to front door crack while listening to the classical music of the neighbor downstairs (hey, he’s a cat who appreciates culture!), all I could see were lines of text superimposed on the darkness. And when I closed my eyes, I saw it there too.

Time to go to bed.

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