Off Line

So yesterday at noon, appropos of nothing, the electricity in my unit went out. At first I thought it was the outlet my electronics and refrigerator are all plugged into, that I have had to move three times to not overload the circuits if I turn on the microwave too, or some other strange confluence of events. But it was more than that, as I couldn’t turn on lights in my bedroom, hallway or bathroom either.

I walked out into the hallway of the floor I live on, to discover the over head lights were out and the fire doors were closed too. I double checked the fire doors and realized the magnets that hold them in place are released when the electricity goes out. I was going to check the other wing of my floor, but heard someone approaching to use the elevator, and realized I was still in lounging about the apartment wear. But the elevator worked. And now the lights were back on in hallways, so I pushed the fire doors open again.

The bathroom, hall and bedroom lights now worked. The kitchen light worked. But my refrigerator and electronics were still not working. I went to my circuit breaker and clicked everything on and off. No go. I tested my outlet that everything plugs into, with a lamp that worked at the other outlets. No go. I pushed the red reset button multiple times. I tried plugging the refrigerator into the nearest other outlet and realized the cord doesn’t reach anything. Well, thank goodness it was not a super hot day. If I just didn’t use the fridge that much, I should be good.

On the electronics. I moved the laptop, modem and miles of phone cord I have into the bedroom, where I have the mystery four extra outlets lined up on the back wall of my closet. I have been wishing that I could use my internet connection without leaving my comfortable bed, and I was going to make it happen. Voila, done. Now there is a great bundle of phone cord to trip over at the entrance to the bedroom, how inviting!

But the refrigerator and microwave still need to be plugged into something. Climbing on the kitchen counter, I ran the extension cord to the ceiling plug, the one that had failed my modem a few months previously. No juice. I guess my next move should have been to test that the extension cord I was using worked. But just for kicks, I hit the reset button one more time, and this time, there was a satisfying pop, and when I tested the lamp this time, there was light. Refrigerator, microwave, printer are all safely plugged in and shows signs of electricity flow.

Only took a few hours out of my day, and I still don’t know what caused the outage. I can hear some construction going on elsewhere in my building, so assume it was something like a quick outage needed to correct something. Everything was back up and running fine within minutes. I just need to remember that I need to hear the pop of the reset button before giving up on an outlet.

In the meantime, when I finally did get a chance to review emails, my at home computer job was warning me via email that if I didn’t do at least 25 hours of work a week, or respond, I would be terminated effective today. Huh. I have been thinking about that job, where I did far more than four hours worth of work, which ended up netting me $4. That is less than minimum, and although it is money, it hardly seems worth my effort. When I receive that check, I will take it to a coffee shop and buy a mocha with it, and be done with that position. So them threatening to terminate me sounds just fine with me. I was only getting paid for the calls generated by the posting I was doing, but there was ending up being many hours of prep work to get to the posting part. But I did learn how to do a few more things with excel, windows and my computer in particular. Useful things that I will be able to use elsewhere now. So not a total wasted effort.

I do love my building, and its age, but sometimes, with electricity randomly going off, or Friday, when the plumbing was turned off, (we at least were warned, which explains why I got up at 4 am to do laundry, wash dishes and take a shower, to ensure being done by 9 am) it just is annoying. And since that was also the reason that I couldn’t do my contract job for the hours needed, in the hours needed, detrimental to my earning potential. So I think I will concentrate my job search on jobs outside of the home, where I get to go to an office or workplace outside of these four walls.

4 Responses to “Off Line”

  1. gary Says:

    in other news, what is you weather like? OURS SUCKS and is likely to get worse 🙂

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    It is 83 right now, expected to get to 85. Very nice compared to last week. Still slapping on the sunscreen, but that’s a year round thing. (Or should be, when I am good.)

  3. redroomsalon Says:

    And I am sorry your weather sucks. My parents are expecting snow in Montana in a couple days, if that makes you feel better. 🙂

  4. The $4 Paycheck « Red Room Salon Says:

    […] $4 Paycheck By redroomsalon Yes, you read that right. As mentioned in a previous post, I recently had a job that generated a whole whopping $4 for more than several hours worth of […]

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