Steve Martin

Saw this recently:

Steve Martin Competes for Top Bluegrass Honors

I adore Steve Martin, and find he is a well rounded artist: magician, musician, comedian, writer, actor. And good actor. And excellent writer. And fabulous musician.

And his comedy? One thing I have always admired about his comedy is how it doesn’t denigrate, doesn’t rely on shock or shocking words, that it is good clean, even family oriented, comedy. The more I tried to categorize his comedy, the more I realized how rare his type of comedy is these days.

It was Steve Martin jokes I could remember and tell when in middle school. I’m a bad joke teller. Please don’t ever ask me to tell a joke. It will be an awful experience. I can never remember the correct order of things, and frequently forget to mention the important part, the part that makes the punchline funny. Oops. But his jokes relied on short non-sequitors and zany pairings, and not only did they make me laugh, the crazy logic of it I could remember. They weren’t rude and didn’t make fun of a person’s nationality or disabilities, like my classmates liked to tell. Polish jokes were really popular, which I never understood, because little Brockport, NY didn’t have a Polish population that I knew of. Maybe that’s why it was easy to make fun of them.

 So Steve Martin is competing for an International Bluegrass Award. How many other celebrities could potentially have Emmy, Grammy and Bluegrass awards?

And can I just say that if you have never thought of Steve Martin as a serious actor, you should see David Mamet’s The Spanish Prisoner. He was downright creepy.

Here’s his acceptance speech on winning the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2005.

Good luck, and hope you capture a Bluegrass Award tonight!

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One Response to “Steve Martin”

  1. Carol Elaine Says:

    I saw the Steve Martin/Bela Fleck video on another friend’s site – so very cool. I’d always known that Martin was an accomplished musician, but I didn’t know he was good enough to hold his own with Fleck, who is a phenomenal musician and someone I love to listen to.

    I adore Steve Martin.

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