Follow Up on Thom

Seems like I’m always posting posts following up other posts. But maybe not. It just sticks in my brain as being frequent, since follow ups as a subject matter is more frequent than any new material I think up.

Anyway, here’s some great footage of Thom Yorke when he visited and performed. Apparently it was all the rage of the internet, this being his first unveiling of the as yet unnamed group. I didn’t realize it when I posted it. Flea, from Red Hot Chili Peppers, as the bassist. I didn’t know that either. And no, I did not attend. Not even to lurk outside either of the theatres to see if I could catch a glimpse or hear a peep.

The LA Times blog started its review by saying: “Thom Yorke is a great dancer. This talent doesn’t come up too often in his day job…” but then didn’t include the great footage of him dancing. Here is that.

And who needs to actually attend, when those who do simply post on the internet or youtube, so all the rest of us who didn’t attend can feel like we did? Complete with pesky inconsiderate audience members speaking during the performance!

Because Thom Yorke may be a huge name in music-dom, but catching up with whomever at a show that only 700 people got to attend is OH so much more important!

(Remember, when I open my club venue, there will be designated talking and non-talking areas. The bouncers will be diligent in evicting the talkers directly into the non-talking section, which perhaps is only a basement room with screens and speakers of the event, maybe with a window. “Yea, I was there…” will have a whole new meaning if you can’t prove you were actually in front of the stage!)

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