The First Casualty

So the new fall season of television shows is up and running, and already there have been victims.

These days it is so hard be sure though. Some shows started in the summer, and then continued on. Some started and then took a haitus (Glee). Some still haven’t even started and aren’t expected to for another month (V) or two or three (Chuck).

And since I don’t actually watch anything on a broadcast TV, I have no idea when things really started, I just know when things are available online and capture my attention.

So I diligently check the network websites each day, to see what is new, as the different shows find their footing or not, and shuffle around what night they play or get pre-empted by other premieres of shows.

I have been waiting for Defying Gravity to continue. The same last episode is still up, Episode 108, and a new one hasn’t arrived for a couple of weeks. The production values are extraordinary and the CG flawless, but more surprisingly, I haven’t seen a lick of advertising anywhere here in LA for a show that obviously cost a lot of money. Is it dead? Has it been cancelled? Or worse, in limbo? Some of the worst fates in Hollywood are legal issues resulting in a damn good thing just sitting on a shelf.


So I turned to Wikipedia.  Here’s the important bit:

“On September 14, 2009, online sources noted ABC‘s apparent cancellation of the series, with most having reported the eighth episode as the “series finale”,[15] while others reported it as the “season finale”.[16] The show’s publicist, Nicole Marostica, issued a statement on September 14, 2009 that ABC is not in fact canceling the show but that management is deciding on a time slot to air the remaining 5 episodes of season 1.[17]

So there you have that. Does not look good.


I like the show. I like the fact it is taking a long time to explain itself, jumping around in time, mainly because the characters are likeable. The characters played by Ron Livingston and Laura Harris are good, dedicated folk, in love with what they do for a living, sacrificing whatever they have to follow a dream, even when it makes them suffer regret, all of it just to be astronauts in space. The fact there are politics and shifting loyalties, like any other workplace, makes it believable. Poor choices are made at times, and other times heroes are made. I like the fact there is a secret between the two leads, that we the audience knows that the hero doesn’t, that speaks loud and clear to me about the sacrifices women sometimes make that men have no idea ever happened. And how poignant and truly an act of love a secret can be.

Turns out the show is a joint international production, just like the characters and agency it depicts. I got super excited when I read that SPACE in Canada is still broadcasting the show, and has a few more episodes scheduled to air.

So I went to, saw clearly the next episode I wished to view, hit play, and got the response “Canada only.”

Wow. I think this is the first time I have ever gone to a website and been denied access to the content because of my country of origin. Makes me wish I lived a little closer to Canada, like I did when growing up, where the TV stations leaked over the airwaves. Also makes me realize how spoiled I am that I live in the U.S., since so much of the content and guts of the internet originates here, it rarely is an issue.

Alas, I will just have to wait and see if that ABC publicist is telling the truth, when I finally find additional episodes up on their website after they finally air.

I am not holding my breath.

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