Apples and Cassettes

In other luddite news, a visit to the mall the other day while killing time led me to an Apple store. The floor attendant (sales clerk just doesn’t sound right for Apple) asked to let him know if I had any questions. I started thinking. What would I like? A recent meeting with a friend had shown me her iTouch, which she bought to get apps and entertain her two year old daughter. I have been contemplating an iPhone, when my current AT&T cell phone contract is up, so went and priced them. And the iTouch might be a good thing to purchase to get me up to speed for an iPhone purchase. All great, if I had readily disposable income. I think not.

Or how about a MacBook? I have been contemplating those netbooks, something I would feel great about taking with me on my travels, able to do what I need while travelling, and if it got lost, mangled or stolen I would not be nearly as pissed as if I lost my entire life like I currently have on my laptop. Again, the price puts that plan temporarily on hold, whether Apple or PC.

And then I noticed the huge monitored Apples. Wow. They had it hooked up to some tv box thing and an iPod. Hmmm. That got me thinking. What I really want, is to be able to stream my iPod thousands of songs on my stereo. (I did mention I am still a luddite.) Yes, I have these fabulous speakers and reliable stereo, why can’t I play my iPod through my speakers? And for that matter, I would love to stream my internet radio stations to my stereo; also hook my streaming internet connection up to my television so I could watch my netflix and broadcast tv shows on a larger screen than my laptop. Maybe my noticeably decreasing eyesight would then improve.  That or getting out of the house more often.

So I asked. The clerk, sorry, attendant, was busy and then when free, begged off to his scheduled appointment at the genius bar (I guess that made him a genius!), but told me that I could indeed hook up my iPod to my stereo with this equipment, a simple plug that goes into the earphones jack, and splits to go into the auxiliary spot on the stereo. Simple, and a mere $25 dollars. Huh. As I was standing there contemplating it, my phone rang and my car was done with its appointment, and it was now time to go spend a bunch of money on that. All righty then! I put the simple splitter back on the wall, and walked away. But good to know. There is hope in getting those of us still in the 1980s synched with the 21st century. Hope, but no guarantee.

I still have perfectly fine working cassette tapes, mind you. Some over 25 years old at this point. Hundreds of them. I won’t be throwing those out until I can replace all those albums.

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