MacArthur Park Perspectives

And here is a link to something someone else in the building I live in did. And I happened to notice the tamale guy on his bike yesterday, and here today I am reading an interview with him, thanks to MacArthur Park Media. Here at redroomsalon I have mentioned repeatedly how much I love/hate my neighborhood, how appreciative I am of the people who live in my building, how much I adore my building and here is someone else’s perspective on some of the exact same issues. The site is so gorgeous and professional!

Our blogs also clearly show the difference between someone who is a journalist first and someone who is a writer foremost. I have never claimed to be a journalist. That would involve actually talking to other people and doing interviews. Me, I’m a writer, I observe and speculate, make educated surmissions (or make stuff up) from what I know (or don’t know). I find the posts I write where I try to be extremely factual and objective to be the hardest to write and take the most time, since invariably some fact I wish to state I cannot readily find to substantiate. A reporter would pick up the phone and ask, or talk to the people involved. As a writer, I find I try to just re-write the words to lead the audience to make the same conclusion as if that fact were there.  That’s a lot of re-writing when you can’t find those facts you read on some random website you visited a month or two ago….

Anyway, enjoy the different perspective of MacArthur Park. The journalist view. And I have to admit, sometimes being the ignorant writer, is bliss. What I know of my neighbors by being a tutor in the community has me know my fellow citizens as hardworking, family oriented and struggling to make ends meet, just like me. No more, no less. And not affiliated with gangs or doing drugs or any of that. People just like me who just happen to speak another language, and came more recently to the country than I.

Since I don’t see the neighborhood as particularly unsafe, given the motives of the people I interact with, it makes sense that I live here. But what I read at this other website, I am impressed the authors choose to live in this much darker version of the same place. It takes bravery to choose to live someplace you know isn’t particularly safe. In a convoluted way, it is my ignorance that keeps me safe, and I wouldn’t wish it any other way. Ignorance is bliss.

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