Treasure Island Music Festival – Day 1

Did you miss me? Wonder where I was, after posting at least once a day for the last week, and suddenly nothing? Never fear, I am now back, with photos of where I have been.

I have been to Treasure Island, in the San Francisco Bay.

As for the music on Saturday, the first day of the festival, I really couldn’t tell you much, other than the fact that I spent four of my hours that day getting to and from the Island, using the festival provided shuttle system. So, when I set out two hours in advance of my volunteer shift, I thought I would have some time before I arrived to scope everything out, listen to a band or two, before having to start. No such luck. By the time I actually was boarding the shuttle, I looked back, and the three sides of the parking lot (Parking Lot A of the Giants Stadium on China Basin) the line had snaked slowly past, was down to just one and a half, so I was there waiting when the bulk of people were trying to also get there.

But the fun thing I got to do as a volunteer was attend someone’s art project, help people perform the two critical pieces. The artist’s name was Corey, and the project was called The Scales Project, in the back corner of the art tent. Here is her website, and you too can check out the progress of what happened to this project after the participatory part at Treasure Island. She said give her a month or two before she uploads anything. In the meantime, follow the link to her flickr page for the beginnings of the project.

The Scales Project Corner

The Scales Project Corner

So I got to hear the bands performing from 4 pm on, but saw none except MGMT. I will include pictures and a link to her website when I find her card and download the photos. She had me do the participatory parts first, before she had me assist her so I knew what it was like. It was a very popular project, and the exciting part was that a lot of people came back to check on its progress throughout the day, to see what others had added. Basically, you wrote a short thing in response to a writing prompt, turned it in, and then picked someone else’s piece based on the color of the scale. Then you went and hung it on one of several hanging nets, which each had a different title. The titles had nothing to do with the key words of the writing prompts, and since you were hanging up someone else’s piece, it was based entirely on what you thought most appropriate. Mine was placed under a category I wouldn’t have put it in, as I am sure happened to other people.

One Net Titled Stimulus and the Scales Hung

One Net Titled Stimulus and the Scales Hung

Some people would take a very long time to write their piece or to hang their given piece, and others not. Some of the results were just heartbreaking and poignant. That’s what made the project so riveting, was the brutal honesty and intimacy of many of the responses. The artist isn’t exactly sure what she will be doing with all the scales, perhaps scan them in for a book, or publish them on-line, so it will be interesting to see what she does with them. She told me she had done another project last year, and people were asking if hers was the one that involved string, and it was. Apparently it was quite the hit and so far it has been her favorite.

As the evening wore on, once MSTRKRFT took the stage, less and less people came to visit, and we started working on shutting the area down. We carried the nets and all their scales to the artist’s car, so the moist condensation of the morning did not ruin the myriad pieces. The artist left then.

I went back to finish watching MGMT and wander a bit, and when I finally did leave, the line for the shuttle was at its maximum, and again it took another two hours to get home. On the shuttle bus ride back, the guy sitting next to me, from Tucson, AZ told me they had been in the line in the afternoon at the same time I had, and had chipped in with some other strangers and took a taxi over, total fare $13 altogether. Now I knew what to do the next day, if the line looked equally evil.

I had been willing to walk it, and figured I could make it there in less time than I had waited, but there is no pedestrian access, despite there being a road. But that is via Freeway access, thus why no pedestrians. Bummer.

2 Responses to “Treasure Island Music Festival – Day 1”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I forgot the name of the website for the scales thing, but I am really interested in it. Hope you find it and tell me!

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    I found it! In cleaning out my backpack here in NOLA, I found the business card/writing prompt Corey gave out. Her website is The Scales Project isn’t up on her website yet, but provides a link to her flickr account that shows the conceptualization of the project.

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