Treasure Island Music Fest – Actual Day 2

And I went to the shuttle buses and was on them within 30 minutes. Phew!

Made it on the island, took photos of everything during the day light hours, and began enjoying the music. Vertiver was playing when I was able to hear when stepping off the bus. I managed to make it to the stages by the time Grizzly Bear took the stage.

Grizzly Bear

And just for fun, there were people dressed in costume. Like this gentleman in a bunny costume. He would be walking, and people insisted on taking photos with him, he would stop and get photographed, and be on his way again. When I saw him later that chilly night, I thought he probably was considerably warmer than the rest of us, in that warm, enclosed fuzzy costume.

Man in a Bunny Suit

Man in a Bunny Suit

 And of course, there were the random people walking on stilts, dressed in pirate costumes. There was also the ferris wheel, and the midway carnival games, circa the 19th century. There were the mandatory food vendors, and the coffee place had a constant line on cooler Sunday, the random cool stuff merchants, where I got a free T-shirt just for spinning a wheel. There was art, there were movies, there was stuff and people and things to do. Oh yeah, and there was the music.

Grizzly Bear was great. Beirut was wonderful, utilizing ukeleles and many horn instruments, one of which I had never seen before, with a side fingering thing.

And of course The Decembrists, what is there to say? I actually found it difficult to watch the band, because the videos they were playing were so engrossing. And then I realized that I had never seen them perform this album during night hours, so the light conditions had never been amenable for showing videos. So, a whole new aspect to the show, even though I had heard them more than once on this same tour.

The Decembrists

The Decembrists








And then, finally, The Flaming Lips. I was close to the stage, which meant I was toasty warm, but as more people came and crowded close, it meant I also could hardly move my arms, which meant my photos sucked. Worse than that, the people in front of me had a habit of jumping and pumping their arms and fists, so far too many of my shots are blocked by random body parts. And yes, Wayne came out in his bubble, and rolled onto the audience for just a bit.

Wayne in his Bubble

Wayne in his Bubble

And there was confetti. And as the confetti was tossed, I thought about my volunteering obligation of the next day, cleaning the festival grounds.

I nearly forgot my poster I had bought earlier in the day, bought from the artist who had designed it, though not for an artist performing at this festival, but at the last festival I had attended in San Francisco, at Outside Lands, and went rushing back to grab the poster tube they had set aside for me.

Side tracked by one of the people coordinating an area, he assured me he would be back again the next year, bigger and better than this year, and it was a pleasant conversation that ended abruptly as his girlfriend walked up. Oh well.

And off to the shuttle bus, and home to a warm bed at a hostel far earlier than the night before.

Great bands, a great setting, an enjoyable time was had. Love these small festivals. Will try to be back again next year, now that I know the travel time from downtown, where to stay downtown, and what my other options are, without bothering with a car. And really, San Francisco? So close… no reason not to go!

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