I am presently in New Orleans for the Voodoo Experience. This year it happens during Halloween weekend, and I thought, what better place to be than in New Orleans for Halloween, a city that definitely never needs an excuse to dress up in costume, nor any reason at all to party.

And the headliner for Halloween? KISS, the penultimate dress up costumed band.

But already, last night, Thursday night, I have accomplished that which I came to this city for. I went to a dive bar where the drinks are so cheap, I couldn’t resist getting a few, staying well within my budget, and heard a band play I had accidentally thought I would get to see at their CD release party at a bar I had been to last year. Alas, I mis-read the schedule, but when I got into town, saw they were playing at The Saturn Bar, mere blocks from the place I had mistakenly thought I would see them. The band, I, Octopus, fits into my favorite genre of Post-Rock Instrumental, and were excellent. I even bought their CD and am now listening to them as I type this.

Pictures 6043

I, Octopus

But the other two bands I saw before they played were excellent too. They were The AcropoLions and The Dives. I am sorry to say that I left as the fourth band took to playing, Sista Otis, but having only gotten a few hours of sleep in the previous 48 hour span with a 3 mile walk back to my hotel, I thought it best to leave. I know, against my policy of staying for all bands because you never know what new gem you will find, but I was really tired.

I say this is what I came to accomplish, and it is true. I got to rub shoulders with the locals, hear local bands, walk and breathe the local area, take lots of photos, have fun! And the total cost? $8 cover charge, $14.50 for the drinks, including tip, and $5 for the CD of the band I wanted to hear live. Plus I got to hear 2 and a half other bands in the bargain, and get hit on by a drunk person who I had no idea what language he was speaking. What a great night! Let’s forget about the Voodoo Fest ticket, plane fare, the hotel price and any meals I consume here, and just call it a bargain. As it is. A unique, once in a lifetime experience is always priceless, isn’t it? The Voodoo Experience and Halloween are just added bonuses.

And walking out of a drug store at 3 in the morning, with something to eat because I was starving, and having my glasses fog up because of the difference in humidity from air conditioned store to the outdoors at the end of October just made me laugh. Only growing up with winter time in upstate New York had me experience the fogging of the glasses before, and I just wasn’t expecting the humidity to still be so high here in the bayou, when it is nearly November.

Pictures 6098

Condensation Due to Humidity in the Bayou

There is so much to enjoy about New Orleans, and even though I can’t enjoy its famous cuisine, being seafood heavy not amenable for a vegetarian, I get to enjoy it on my terms. I walk back, taking pictures of random things, scare the numerous cats out for strolls, get whistled and talked to by random males of all types, and avoid the lurching tourist drunks also returning home. This is a city full of life, full of decay, and is entirely exquisitely intoxicating in its contradictions. This is what I came to New Orleans to explore more, and can easily see myself coming back for years to come.

Pictures 6058

Abandoned Church, Oozing Gothic Intrigue

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