Halloween Opportunities

These pictures were taken while I was in San Francisco.

Here’s one hardware store’s take on the festivities. Who says hardware stores can’t embrace the spirit too? By the way, this hardware store apparently was voted most popular by San Francisco residents. If the window displays are any indication, it certainly looks like a fun place to go and browse hardware stuff. Who says you can’t bring whimsy to anything, anything at all?

Cole's Hardware Store Gets into the Halloween Spirit

Cole's Hardware Store Flying with Halloween

And if pressed as to how to dress for Halloween, San Francisco residents have it easy. Any Giants fan wearing its team’s colors can not be accused of ignoring Halloween. Go orange and black!

Pictures 5506

SF Giants Merchandise Store, always in the Halloween Spirit











And if that were not enough, here is a feature I stumbled across called Your Morning Adorable. This picture features Meerkats, always a crowd pleaser. How can you go wrong with Meerkats and a pumpkin? Of course it will be cute! Look at those savage beasts ripping pumpkin guts out! How cute!!!! Let’s not think what they would do if they got ahold of you flat on your back, defenseless to a horde of hungry meerkats….

Meerkats <3 Pumpkins

Have a Happy Halloween, filled with fun and guts, humor and horror!

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