Bay Bridge Closed?!

Until further notice?

Due to repairs undertaken during Labor Day Weekend to repair a crack that didn’t take?

Wow, I just had to post this, since Treasure Island Fest took place in the intervening time between Labor Day Weekend and the falling debris, and the Bay Bridge was the bridge we had to drive on to get there! Imagine what it could have been like if it had happened during that festival, with busloads of visitors on that bridge.

Okay, downer thought of the day done, think happy thoughts now, since that is not what happened. And we are ever so thankful for it! Carry on now, knowing so many disasterous things a day never do happen and the chances of anyone of us happening to be in any given disaster, natural or manmade, are always pretty statistically slim.

File it under reasons to be thankful, on a daily basis.

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