True Life Chills

Talk about a buried lead! I read this article and got to the last line and chills ran down my spine. Up until that point, it just sounded like this convicted rapist in Ohio had stepped out of his house when the police showed up to arrest him for rape, and they got him when he got back home, after they found the decomposing bodies.

But no! He’s still at large. No longer a mere rapist, the obvious implication is he is a serial killer too, what with the several bodies in his house. And since the article mentioned he had been in prison for 15 years following conviction on a 1989 rape, one cannot help but wonder when these victims died, if he wasn’t living in this house for a period of 15 years.

I know, I’m jumping to conclusions here. Maybe the bodies all died of natural causes. The article does mention the police are waiting to hear on autopsy results for cause of death. Maybe, if not from natural causes, the bodies were not the results of the rapist’s crimes, but someone else whom he lives with. Given they mention state of decomposition is hindering identification, perhaps prison truly does work, and these were all victims before his 1989 rape conviction.

Somehow I doubt it. Given the assumptions one easily jumps to reading this article, and the missing rapist unable to defend himself, guilt is an easy assumption to reach.

But regardless, please don’t forget the most chilling part, this man is still at large.

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