Carless in LA

Just read about this bike tour tonight, and would love to go, except for the fact that I don’t have a bike light to ride at night time. That, and my tires need air and I don’t know where the nearest air for bikes would be found.

But here’s the scoop:

In support of a current art show in Santa Monica, there will be a 16 mile bicycle tour tonight starting at 9:30 pm. The art show is a result of photographing and interviewing numerous people who live in LA who do not own cars, either by choice or circumstances. The exhibit is titled “Without a Car in the World (100 Car-less Angelinos Tell Stories of Living in LA)”.

The bike tour meets at 9 pm tonight in Santa Monica, 1639 18th Street, the home of the 18th Street Arts Center where the exhibit is being shown. The ride is in conjunction with RIDE-Arc. Here’s the blurb on the particulars:

November 6, 9:00PM
“HOW FAR TO GO: Alternative Transportation in the Santa Monica Area” with RIDE-Arc
How can we get from point A to point B? Is this really a “Bronze” level city? Where does this city end, anyway? Why is there so much traffic? What about pedestrians? Can people stop walking on the bike path?!?!

Join RIDE-Arc for a 16 mile route through Santa Monica and vicinity as we discuss issues of transportation, access, and urban planning.
This ride is being held in conjunction with Diane Meyer’s exhibition of works “Without a Car in the World” at the 18th Street Gallery in Santa Monica.

RIDE-INFO:   A majority of this ride will be at a slight incline. Whether you are heading up or down this slight incline is something else entirely. A portion of this ride will include a short uphill section on a “narrow” street with low lighting conditions, please be prepared for this. For various reasons which we will not be getting into, riding as a group in the City of Santa Monica has at times been known to be under intense scrutiny from the Santa Monica Police Department. Please obey all traffic laws and have adequate lighting for your bicycle.  As this ride is in conjunction with the 18th Street Gallery, you will be required to sign a liability release prior to the ride’s start. Thank you for working with us to make this happen!

We will meet up between 9:00 and 9:30pm, we’ll try to head out around 9:30 pm. The route will end where it begins, just like life.

Happy wheeling!


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