Busy, Busy Weekend

But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part are the completely bizarre dreams I have been having.

Last night’s was about the end of the world. It was one of those dreams that once in it, I realized I had been in that particular dream world before. The rules of gravity seemed to have been altered, too. There was lots of blood and severed body parts floating about, enmeshed in machines that ran into buildings and bridges, toppling infrastructure. As electricity and plumbing and roads and bridges broke down, somehow, miraculously, I was safely coccooned in an aerial tram/bus that slingshotted around the bridge, and as I fumbled for my camera, the suspension bridge toppled into the bay, towards us and the picture I took was out of focus, and only captured the smear of blood as a severed head hit the window.

We arrived at our destination, a rather tumultuous building with banks of elevators, and people excitedly milling about, trying to figure out what the correct level of their office destination was, and there I ran into my ex-boyfriend. We were both heading to the Swiss Embassy, as was everyone else with an escape plan. We arrived at the Embassy, on the 23rd floor, showed our documents, and thereupon boarded a plane departing for safety. All of us in line joked about our being in the know, having carefully researched “escape plans from the apocalypse” and having hit upon the correct combination of paperwork that needed to be filled to ensure safe passage through the bureaucracy of world governments to ensure our survival.

Our plane of course took off safely, avoiding all floating debris that could harm us, and having no idea where we were flying off to, but there was the ex, not with his girlfriend, but seated next to me, when the apocalypse arrived. End of dream.

I woke up from my dream with the realization that what I was putting my time and energy into all weekend may feel like a disaster of a Titanic sinking ship, but you know what, no one had died, least of all myself, so it was all good. Believe it or not, despite the horrific nature of the dream, I kinda woke up happy! (And not for the ex being there, acting as if we hadn’t stopped seeing one another, ever.)


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