Random, Really Random

So, the other week I was out at a bar, wanting to be near people, while working on my novel. Yes, I go to bars and sit and write. I even read books in bars sometimes too. Some of that has to do with I tend to drink in the company of others, so living alone, that means I need to go out to do that.

It also turns out to be a great way to invite conversation.

As the bar shut down, a gentleman walked up to me and said he had to ask me what I was writing. He became so engrossed with what I told him, he took me out for dinner/breakfast to continue the conversation. Turned out he manages another local bar, and as he drove me back to my car, he took my name and number, programmed it into his iphone, and called me right then and there to verify the number. And he freely gave me his name and number.

I promptly looked him up on line, and he was who he said he was, managing the bar he said he did. Good to know. Very promising. I love the internet for being able to check out simple facts. I also couldn’t figure out how old he was, other than he had been 30 when this article in which he was interviewed talking about his bar took place. I think it was a couple years old, but with no dates, unverifiable.

I have since gone back to the bar, and the other night I got invited to a party for artists, because I was sitting there writing, and someone randomly handed me their business card for a literary magazine that will be published starting in February and told me to submit. Again, simply based on watching me writing.

Okay, writing in public at bars is turning out to not be such a bad idea, at least for my social life.

And when I was visiting my sister, niece and my sister’s boyfriend for Thanksgiving, the boyfriend commented on my having lost weight and looking really good, and did I have any plans for later in the evening? He was joking, of course, but it’s the first time he’s ever said anything about my appearance in the years they have been living together. My older sister, and her not yet 30 year old boyfriend. I mention that to establish an attraction for younger men seems to run in my family. I think my sister’s boyfriend is pretty adorable, myself. But I’ve never told him that. Oh, and he’s a musician. He had a dance club hit in Croatia.

And tonight, I was on myspace to look up some band for where else they might be playing in the local area since I missed them tonight, and as usual, I got solicited by a random assortment of men. I always read their messages and go and check them out, and when they have no other friends than Tom, or obviously didn’t read my profile and we have nothing in common, I delete them. One random male tonight wrote something that provoked a response from me, and as he seemed to have plenty of friends, while I waited to see if he would respond back, happened to find out he is the keyboardist in a band signed with a major label, which toured the world and is working on their second album now. So I saw a few videos of him performing solo, and no surprise, he’s really good…. And he wrote back. So then I told him the absurdity of listening to him perform on his keyboard months previously, recorded for posterity, while typing to him now in the present on a computer keyboard. There was more to it than that, like how not close in age we both are, as was the bar manager too, for that matter, but who cares? So far nothing more has happened than harmless flirtation.

Where did all this unsolicited attention come from all of a sudden? Personally I’m just amused by it, like where have all these men been hiding in my life? And why all of a sudden is my visage so attractive? Because that does get mentioned, how beautiful I am. Yeah, whatever!  All guys say that, but I guess they don’t know that, because they don’t get to hear it being overused as a line.

So that’s my life in a nutshell in the last few weeks. Me as a siren to younger men. All I did was cut my hair, for pete’s sake! But there aren’t even any recent with hair cut photos of me on myspace, so that can’t be it. I must just be sending a vibe out into the universe.

Another person tonight on craigslist was offering to share his unneeded inheritance with someone who intrigued him the most. So I bit, submitted why I was deserving, and that I met his criteria. He of course asked for a photo, because he only wants to give it to someone who’s HOT. Normally I wouldn’t think I was, but then I realized everyone has a different concept of attractiveness, so it couldn’t possibly hurt to try. It would be one way to resolve my need for money and bypass having to get a mortgage in the next 90 days. He was also offering a free trip to Vegas for the New Year, and I had been wondering what I was going to do then.

I’m just trying to be receptive to what the universe is offering. Things may or may not work out, but I certainly won’t know if I don’t try.

A lot of other people seem to start dating when spring arrives. For me, it has always been when the weather gets cold that seems to have me noticed. This year seems to be proving no exception. A keyboardist for a pop rock band, that had a single or two or three on the airwaves. Stranger things have happened, right?

And my crush whom we last noted brushing against me at another bar while we talked of our unemployment, cooking with cast iron pots, conspiracy theories and his never having visited Disneyland, I get to see all weekend long, as I nominally supervise him in our respective volunteering gigs. Life is sweet, is it not? What’s the appropriate song title? “It’s raining men….”


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