Bar Tunes 11-18-09

Here is a selection of the tunes the DJ played that night at Bar 107 and the random memories it triggered for me.

I am listening to Paul Simon’s Diamonds in the Soles of Her Shoes (loudly) in my favorite bar and remembering when that album first came out. I was an Art Major at Community College (after flunking out at the prestigious private college I started at), and all us cool kids had control of the music that played in our Live Model drawing class. The instructor merely brought in the boombox and maybe whatever CD he had been listening to, and after that, anyone who cared could play their own CDs.  Myself and two others  were the only ones who cared, and our tastes in music were compatible, so of course we became friends. So here’s to Ken Weeks, instructor, Portland Community College, the largest college in the state of Oregon, Mark Jondahl and Elise Wagner, friends I have long since lost touch with. Here’s to you, Paul, for stirring that memory.

Steve Winwood is playing now, and some of the patrons are going crazy, shouting the lyrics at top volume. Arc of the Diver played nearly continuously in Scholtz III of Reed College, the all girls dorm when I moved into as a Freshman in August of 1983. I ask the guy standing next to me if he remembers how old he was when this song came out; he doesn’t know, but presumes single digits. He asks should he feel bad he doesn’t know the song? I say no, different songs had impact at the time they came out and no longer have that impact now: times change. And aren’t we glad that times change? Otherwise we would be sick of the same songs playing all the time.

Then Captain of Her Heart comes on, and later on my personal time line. Who did that song? Again, memories of Portland, hearing it on KINK-FM, the station my husband and I used to listen to. My ex-husband whom I met as a result of my attending that private college in Portland.

Now back to high school, with Asia, when I listened almost exclusively to Brit Rock, as a result of being able to get Toronto radio station CHUM-FM beaming across Lake Ontario.

Rod Stewart’s Do You Think I’m Sexy is now playing. I always thought this song made Rod so pretentious and such an asshole, I always disliked him as an artist as a result. But then he came out with Infatuation, which I actually bought as a single, and in the first apartment I ever had, I printed out the lyrics to this song and posted them on my refrigerator. I would forget I had them there when friends would come over to visit, but they never did guess who I was infatuated with. They just assumed it was Rod Stewart.

The theme to Arthur now plays, Caught Between the Moon and New York City. Okay, the guy next to me is officially drunk, as he is going crazy for this. Next is Joe Jackson’s Night and Day album, a favorite of my best friend in college, who used to play this album on her turntable in her room.

Foreigner is now playing. Back to the years in Upstate New York, growing up with Lou Gramm as the local celebrity and Foreigner being sooooo overplayed as a result.

Seals and Crofts Summer Breeze. This was my older sister’s first record album. And since she owned so few, I heard this entire album quite a lot, as we only had the one record player in the living room.

Wow. A lot of memories. Ya gotta love music for its ability to instantly transport you back to when that same song had an impact on your personal life. There were plenty of other songs playing that night, but those were the ones that had the greatest impact when I heard them again.

Double. That was the band that did Captain of Her Heart. I had to look it up to come up with that answer.  And here they are:

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