Cat’s Gone Missing


So I’ve searched all the hallways, the roof, the basement of the building. One thing I can always count on with this cat, is he never goes far.

And in the searching, I came across a kitten mewing at me. Another lost cat, and no open doors near where I found him. Did my cat accidentally end up in someone else’s apartment, the home of this kitten? It had happened before, when I visited my parents, and my sleepy father threw my cat out into the snow, and left their cat warm in the house. Poor cat, who had never seen snow before that!

I left my door open all night, but no returned cat. I did the sweep again this morning, and then again. No signs, no noises. I wait for the building’s housekeeper to come on shift, to give her the heads up to be on the lookout for a frightened cat.

Hopefully he gets hungry and wants to be found soon.

That’s the news from the land of 94 units in a building, and no idea where the cat could possibly be hiding in closed door city.

Update: Kitten’s home has been found. Jada was sitting on the staircase behind the unit she lives in, patiently waiting for her human to find her. Marge told me she has not seen my cat, and told Jada she is in big trouble, not to be trusted to go out the door again. We will see how well that works. At least I know where Jada should be returned to, if ever I see her again.

Addendum at 5:30 pm: Cat has been found. The housekeeper reminded me where he hid before, and sure enough, that was where he was to be found. He likes the really tight space of where the fire doors are when not open, right next to the elevator. I must have walked by him over a dozen times looking for him. Why he did not respond, I have no idea. While waiting for him to crawl out, (dirty paws and face!) the neighbor closest came out of her apartment and asked if I was looking for a rabbit. She has a rabbit. See, everyone in my building has a pet, despite the fact none of us are supposed to! Dirty cat back in the apartment, he is back out in the hallway, looking wistfully down the hall towards the elevator, then walking back in to see what I am doing, then walking back out. Phew!

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