Behind on the Timeline

Oh my goodness, look at that! It’s already the second day of the new year, and I am already behind on what it is that I want/need to get done! How is that possible? My to-do list from yesterday wasn’t that long!

Still need to finish writing an article. Decided to fall asleep while contemplating that one last night. Oops. That will be written in the next hour, so I can get other things done today.

Still need to go buy stuff to put in the storage unit. The idea is to get the place so well organized that I actually could use it as an office. It’s only .7 miles away, takes me 20 minutes to walk there from home, opens at 7, closes at 7, that would be the equivalent of a very good day at the office, and definitely cheaper than most office office spaces I could rent! I wonder if it has wi-fi there…. But if it doesn’t, that would actually be better, fewer distractions. My own personal writing studio cum storage. Isn’t that how most people’s dens are anyway? Mine just won’t be attached to my place of residence.

And all the paperwork I need to get done to get paid? Eh, I can do it tomorrow. I can drop it off in person. Fortunately the building the office is located in has 24 hour access, a godsend, just like when our landlord had a drop box on the side of a building, and we would go drop our rent check off at 12 midnight precisely the day it was due, while hitting the bank with our paychecks simultaneously.

It is not all doom and gloom in the world of me, I just want to say, if the last post gave the impression it was. A month or two ago I started dating again. It happened inadvertantly, and as nothing too horrible (nor particularly wondrous) has happened since, I have continued. I actively started using an online dating service again, and there have been a few nibbles. It is around the holidays, so if not much is happening, then I just put it down to the groove will return starting next week.

Same for the job front. I know for a fact that my resume is under active consideration (I have inside people rooting for me to get the jobs!) at  two different companies, and both planned on continuing interviews once the new year started. That again would be next week.

This is in part why I am so anxious t0 get things accomplished right now, while I have the available time of an underemployed person, that I will no longer have once I have a full time job.

And I have been eyeing tickets for festivals again. The only one that I am seriously contemplating purchasing right now without any knowledge of an upcoming job is the wonderful Sasquatch! Festival. Memorial Day weekend, no work conflicts, no matter which weekday job I get. Pavement rumored to headline. And now that Soundgarden has been confirmed to have gotten back together, and it will be close to Seattle, what do you think are the chances of them playing there?

And let’s talk magical thinking. I poo-poo it, as any sane, logical, Western trained mind should, and then, I go ahead and practice it, as any wishful thinking, believe in miracles and just plain dumb luck Western bred person would. “So-and-so was discovered by the director Z while walking dogs on Hollywood Boulevard, getting tangled around a parking meter. They make a much better actor than dog-walker, thankfully.” “Such-and-such was the nanny to X when they noticed her drawings and showed them to their good friend, the famous art gallery owner Y. She has been a full time artist with a multi-million dollar income ever since….” Who doesn’t want to be discovered in such tangential ways, just going about their day?

But the dirty secret is almost all those who are discovered actually did practice their craft and get good on their own. That whole 10,000 hours of practice to become excellent at a skill translates to about 10 years.

And guess what? I have been living here in Los Angeles for 10 years. This coming next weekend will be the official anniversary. According to my magical thinking, this should then be my year. And in alignment with that, I can and should do everything in my power to make it possible to be discovered. Here I am Los Angeles, take notice!

No doom and gloom there. Just bold, bright enthusiasm and positive thinking. “I will be a success. I will be a success!”

And writing every day to get to that goal.

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