Happy New Year (where every day is exactly the same)

I thought I would be resting today, but somehow….

I forgot I have two articles due at the end of today, so I am busily writing those, while indulging in my favorite procrastination tools: eating, a quick little blog post and organizing other portions of my life. [I walked 4.9 miles on the way home from the New Year’s Eve Party this morning. It only took me 3.8 miles to walk it yesterday. I stopped for coffee on the way home today and could only assume that the Starbucks in Little Tokyo that normally opens at 4 am would be open after 6 am on a holiday. I was right. It was full of law enforcement officers also getting their morning coffee. I walked 7.1 miles on Wednesday when I was feeling restless. But now I know where Tribal Cafe is in relation to L’KEG, as I usually have a point to my meanderings. And Starbucks on Union and Wilshire was closed already at 10 pm that night.)

The dirty dishes are filling the sink right now, which makes it difficult to fill pots with water for cooking or rinsing. I have to get to my storage unit by 8 tonight (when hopefully I will be done with my articles) to claim a new smaller unit, so I can consolidate and organize. I’m supposed to be meeting a friend tonight, but after we both agreed we needed more sleep from our respective parties last night, I haven’t heard anything further.

Tomorrow I plan on buying racks, bins and boxes to put in my storage unit, so I can begin transferring the items that need re-packing into the new unit. But I also need to spend a few hours doing the paperwork I need to submit in order to get paid. The program didn’t mention we had until January 4th to submit paperwork (since the post office is only open one day preceeding that), so I’m assuming January 2nd is the only day that I can mail it in and not be technically late. I also plan on finishing painting that damn closet I have been working on for a week or two. I already went and bought the extra paint I am afraid I will need. So tomorrow is a busy day of obligations.

And I am currently listening to the perfect song that epitomizes all of this: NIN’s Every Day is Exactly the Same. Who better to get you down on a new day of a new year (of possibly a new decade if you count that way) but Trent Reznor.

Here it is:

Okay, so I’d never seen that video before. Way more depressing than I was trying to express. Just listen to the lyrics and ignore the video. Or just read the title and leave it that. Or here, just watch this one instead, recorded in the studio, no video interpretation at all.

(Look at that! Trent’s not wearing all black, nor wearing short sleeves!)

Here’s to the new year, and may my first two days and its necessary obligations not be a predictor of the remaining 363 days. May they merely be precursors to my new organized life to enjoy spontaneous fun and opportunities as they occur!

Because those dishes will not be washing themselves….

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