More Wise Words

Stood up by two separate men on two consecutive nights, this is the beginning of my new year. This especially after going to that party on New Year’s Eve, dancing ’til 6 am, only to find that the two cute guys I had my eyes on seemed to be a couple themselves! Strike Three!

But, I did meet someone while sitting watching LA pass by in downtown, drinking our respective coffee drinks, and we decided we should keep in touch and be friends. Between her and the someone else I have so far met on the dating website, who promises to get together and discuss his recent travels in South America, I think new friends will be the order of the year. Because who can’t use more friends? And I haven’t ended up in a relationship yet with a person who didn’t start out as a friend.

So here’s what just popped up on the iTunes player, words of wisdom from the great William Shatner.

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