The Real Reason…

I must clean the apartment:

someplace, hidden somewhere, is the month’s supply of underwear I have.

These days, I now have to wash my underthings at least every couple of weeks, that’s how few I can presently find. Where did they all go? Since I don’t actually have a dresser to put clothes away in, but plenty of closet space, it’s anyone’s guess where the undergarments go to hide.

They aren’t under the bed, as I looked this morning when trying to put enough whites together to justify a load.

They are no longer on the floor of the bedroom, as I washed everything there, and only came up with 14 underpants. (Why is it a pair of underpants? They look like a single thing, as there are no legs, like pants.) Throwing in a white coverlet and set of bed sheets made the load large enough. But I only found one of the pillow cases for the sheet set. Perhaps they are also where the underwear are hiding. I sure hope.

Today is one of those days that despite doing a lot of things, there is still so much more to be done.

I couldn’t sleep, or I slept fitfully, waking every half hour or 45 minutes throughout the night, so finally I gave up at 5 am. I got up, walked to the nearest Starbucks, bought a coffee and for the price of some gum, got enough quarters in change to be able to do laundry. Walking out of my apartment with the second load, I managed to spill the majority of the measured detergent all over my floor. And in the hallway when I set my load down. And down in the laundry room when I set the load down again.

Then I set to reading a book while the laundry machines went, so I could time how long they took.

They are new machines, and unlike the old ones, no longer tell how much remaining time there is. Bad for the dryers, which continue to count down whether or not you are drying, if you happen to be pulling out that which is already dry.

While the clothes were drying, I set my bathroom to order, emptied and washed the litter box, swept up the spilt laundry detergent (fortunately the dry kind, not liquid), emptied all the trash, including the rotting vegetables in the refrigerator, consolidated and deposited the recycling….

And as the drying was now done, I bundled all the laundry in the coverlet, placed the warm bundle on the bed and I lay beside it for a nap. Phew! Exhausting stuff, those household chores, especially when walking up and down multiple flights of stairs, since the garbage and recycling bins and laundry room are all in the basement, and I am on the fourth floor. Between that and walking to Starbucks, exercise obtained for the day.

Hours later, after a tutoring session, (another stint of walking exercise there), catching up on all emails pertaining to this weekend’s course I will be greeting visiting students to, and cleaning up all the emails in that account, setting up the vacation auto-announcement giving all details about where and when in case I miss anyone else planning on attending, checking the bank account, corresponding to keep others in the loop about this and that for this weekend and next weekend’s other course….. I finally fixed myself to eat!

And here it is, a little after four pm. I guess it’s time to get out of the house and actually go buy the things on my list I had planned. Where does the day go?

However, I am feeling tired again, so maybe just a little nap first. Rest my burning eyes….

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