I got my shelving units from Costco, transported in a Honda sedan which has back doors that open far wider than my Jetta and even assembled the new shelving units in the new storage unit with the help of my new friend Debbie. She said it was good to give her inner lesbian a time to play with tools. She also figured out how to fold down the back seat in her new car. That was fun, while in a Costco parking lot, and every car stopping to wait for us to pull out, when it was obvious we were not leaving soon, as our cart was not emptied. Finally emptied, I took it over to the stack of waiting carts across the driveway, and managed to set a whole string of carts in slow motion down the parking lot. The car waiting, in eminent danger of a glancing blow from multiple carts, made not a move to prevent it. I managed to stop them before damage was done. Debbie, a recent transplant from NYC, had never been to a Costco before. She also has never needed to own a car before either. I am glad to show her the wonders of the West Coast. Even the trip to Burbank was fun for her, to see how close Burbank was and what freeways to take. So easy to amuse!

The only slight hitch in the plan? The new storage unit I began renting on New Year’s Day, and was waiting to figure out how to get the shelving units transported to the new unit, was in the meantime occupied by someone else’s crap. The manager apologized profusely and was more pissed at her staff and the guy who put the stuff in my unit, since she had made clear to everyone my unit was rented. It was the difference between 225 and 255. Guess he’s a little dyslexic. 225, my unit, was closer to the elevator, so he probably just didn’t bother looking for the other number. He put his lock on the unit, and thus nothing can be done until he comes back. It is very full, with Christmas stuff, it looks like. He blamed the manager, for not bothering to take him to his unit. She yelled at him, saying how did he expect he should compensate me? Was he going to pay my rent? He said he would have his things out in a week or so. She promised she would help me move my shelving units to my new storage unit when he emptied it out.

In a way, it’s fine. I wasn’t going to have any time to move anything into my new unit until next week anyway, so let’s hope he can get his things out by then. And if not, then let’s hope I will be compensated in some other way.

Although the entire adventure took only a few hours (as we stopped to dine at the fine Costco food court; a hot dog for her, a slice of cheese pizza for me) I feel such a weight for finally deciding on what shelving units to get (one of each size), getting them to storage, and assembling them. Such a feeling of accomplishment!

And the new unit I will eventually get? Is right next to a window, with eastern light. Perfect for the potential writing study I am thinking it needs to be transformed into…..

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