New Features on an Old Car

So I am volunteering all weekend, and forgot to go get something last night, when I was at the right place to get it,and I just forgot. This morning, someone walks up to me and offers to go get the pieces of paper I forgot, and I don’t even know if she has a car or not (a lot of people just fly in from across the country to volunteer, so I don’t assume anyone has transportation, as we are in a hotel right next to the airport. Literally, right across from the airport) and so I offer to lend her mine, since I just parked it and have a special in-out pass just for running errands. She can drive a stick, I tell her what my car is, she goes and gets what she needs, all is well.

I don’t end up using my car again until I had to go run some errands later on after the course ended for the day, get in, and notice the mirrors are all wrong. In fact, the seat is adjusted all weird. It is suddenly about half a foot higher than I am used to.

I start giggling as I drive down the street. Giggling because I am tired, giggling because in the nearly ten years I have owned this car, I had no idea the seat could be adjusted up and down, besides back and forth, or slanting back. Giggling because I am now going to have to call this person I lent the car to, to find out what knob or button changes it back!

I hope to see her tomorrow. I found it very disconcerting to be sitting so high, with my head nearly touching the ceiling, and having the sun blind nearly blocking my view.

I continued giggling all the way home.

I’m so happy my car still surprises me and gives me joy. May everyone’s car be still full of surprises after years of use.

And here, a picture of my lovely.

My Lovely, Car Camping

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