More Drama, More to Do

There has been more drama in my life, what with the news yesterday that I wouldn’t be getting paid this month at all, and the repercussions of that on my bank account, blah-dee-blah; I spent yesterday taking care of that as best as I could at this point, ho-hum, blah-blah-blah. Details not to be revealed in order not to bore.

The good news is, I have two new students to begin tutoring. That’s only good news if I actually get paid for tutoring them, but I will say nothing further on that subject. I have vented plenty already. Zip. Lips. No more complaints about that.

The other good news is I was contacted to work an expo I worked last year, and know that will put some cash into my pocket that weekend, a month from now. So things are looking up. I just have to magically make some more money materialize in my bank account in the next few days, and all is well.

Even a band I intend to go hear on Friday is playing for free, so no excuse not to go.

I am in a new class, and with other people in my local area, we agreed to meet as a group on weekends to discuss homework, and explore the places to get food and coffee in our areas of Echo Park, Silverlake and Westlake! One member used to live a mere seven blocks from where I live now, speaks Spanish and told me he would show me some fine places to know in my neighborhood. I am excited at the prospect!

We have projects to take on. I said mine was to get my ENTIRE LIFE in working order, and they wanted examples. I said, for example, a clean apartment. One person said, “Okay, I’ve heard that before from others, one guy I know said the same thing for four years and never cleaned his place. What makes your promise different and why limit yourself to something so small? You can hire someone to take care of it.” I love this group already, no pussy-footing allowed! I took it in the spirit intended, of support, and I said, “This is but a small part, and I am already working on it. New storage unit, purchased and assembled shelving units, painting closet to re-arrange furniture, expected house guests in less than two weeks. It will get done. But it isn’t small, because I am also taking on cleaning my apartment, my car, myself, and getting a job; I’m taking on remedying the things in my life that just don’t work as they are now!” Just to document this process, I went and videoed the bedroom now so I will have before and after to show my group of progress made.

The Storage Unit Woefully in Need of Organization

Our homework, of course, is to write a list of everything incomplete in our lives. And to take at least one action each day to complete them. Great fun for a list writer like me.

In the meantime, I got a random text yesterday, from a phone number I didn’t recognize. It was a nice text wishing me warmth and safe harbor from the torrential rains, but I have no idea who sent it. Mystery admirer? Someone I deleted from my phone list because he is no longer in my consideration of potential dating partners? Uh…

I got a phone call this morning that I didn’t answer because I was coccooned in my bed to keep warm and the phone was not within arm’s reach. No message when I went to check it. I called to ask the person what was up. He invited me to lunch. By the time I called, it was too late for today, so he invited me for tomorrow. Random. This is a guy I like. He’s asking me to lunch. His birthday is this Sunday, and we are making arrangements for him to experience Disney for the first time in his life. It might be Monday, if the weather cooperates. It might not be Monday if the weather doesn’t break. But, since neither of us work full time, finding another day to go to California Adventure shouldn’t be too difficult.

I’m just happy-thrilled he called to ask me to go to lunch. He has never done that before. We have been chatting recently, and our last conversation had us both laughing. I like him, I really like him! He just might like me too. Maybe. He was asking if there are rides to be ridden at California Adventure, and I see that there are a few, and it got me thinking about our sharing the little cozy ride cars, pressed against one another, me screaming because I do not like fast rides, and him being right next to me… Ahh. The prospect of Monday is looking good….

That’s it. Time to go put coat number four on the closet walls, and even if it still looks like crap, streaky some places and dark on the patches of bare wood I applied paint, I will declare it done at that point. It just needs to be. In the grand scheme of things, that wall will be knocked out when I finish remodelling my place, and I am painting it to put a piece of furniture in front of it anyway, so really, who cares?

That’s it in a nutshell: in the grand scheme of things, who cares I didn’t get paid this month? Who cares that I have multiple crushes and that it takes so little for me to get thrilled at prospects? Who cares that I intend to get my life in order by the end of this course in a few months? No one else truly may, but I do. And you’ll just have to put up with me yammering on about it.

And now, from the archives:

Mountain Goats in Glacier Park, Montana

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