A New Exercise Routine

Today’s exercise routine was brought to me by a mis-hap at my storage unit: my unit got used by someone else, after I had already paid for it.

So Friday, I got the call from the manager saying the gentleman she had yelled at for using my new unit had cleared his stuff out and to feel free to come move my shelving units that I was temporarily storing in yet another unit. When did I think I could do it?

Sunday, I said. She offered to come help me move the shelving units, since it was their mishap that I couldn’t get my shelving units in the correct unit to begin with. It was her day off, and to please give her a call when I needed some help. She left me her personal cell number.

Wow, that’s customer service! I didn’t call her back, letting her have her day off, since I thought I could do it myself. And when I got to the building to check in, the staff on duty today told me that I should feel free to ask for help from them if I needed it. I said I would try first and take them up on it if I needed to.

So. That’s when I found out that moving the shelving unit just wasn’t going to work. As the unit dis-assembled itself when I tried to move it (forgot to bring the rubber mallet to pound everything in place), I was glad I didn’t have additional help. I dis-assembled it, leaving the pieces that didn’t want to come apart still attached, moved it to the new unit, re-assembled it and then figured out that I was not going to be able to raise it off the floor by myself. So I dis-assembled it again, this time putting it exactly where I wanted it, and built it from the ground up, and as I made each shelf ledge, I put in the melamine boards to make the actual shelf. This added to the unit’s structural integrity, and increased my upper arm strength.

All told, the moving, building, un-building, and re-building of the unit took little over an hour. I took rest breaks and sipped my homemade coffee latte. My new unit is near a window, so it was brightly lit when the overhead lights went out because of lack of movement near that corner of the floor’s light sensor.

The other shelving unit, on wheels, did not have any problems, and merely got rolled from one unit to the other. I had to lift to get the wheels over the entrance of each unit, so another proper leg lift on my part, use the lower legs and not merely the back, three times at each unit (once the first set of wheels made it out, the shelves had to be angled to fit in the narrow hallway, thus why three times.)

Temporarily used unit for storage of shelving units, closed, locked, done, no longer my concern.

New unit, with two shelving units, both with five sturdy shelves each, and room up top to place boxes on that top shelf, done, complete, in their proper places. I closed, locked, and double locked with my own lock the new unit. No one getting to use that unit accidentally now!

New Unit with New Shelving Units

As I had walked the half mile from home, I now got out into the fresh air and sunshine, and walked the half mile back home, with a real sense of accomplishment.

All done, before noon today.

Thus leaving the remaining two weeks to move all things from my very full but unorganized storage unit to my very organized and presently empty storage unit, before I have to pay rent yet again. I have purpose, I have motivation, I have excitement at the thought of actually getting it done now. And a mile walk total to and from, every day I go and work on it.

The building opens at 7 am every week day. Guess where I will be every morning this week!

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