Today is Paperwork Day

end of the month, time to submit for payment. Fingers crossed, I get paid this month.

I just blew it though. According to the rules, I MUST do two sessions before the end of a month, or just start in the new month. Well, I started today, and the family is just not available for tutoring tomorrow, thus I am not in compliance with the rules since the month ends tomorrow. Heaven forbid! However, I must also get the sessions started as soon as possible, to be in compliance with starting before February 15th. Turns out my new student is on break until March! Some weird school calendar I have never heard of, thus meaning all his days are free. Which means I can get him done really quickly, no conflicts with daytime schedule for him! Wow. Since he’s so easy to schedule, I might even be able to get a job during the day and have it not conflict with tutoring. What a relief! Getting a full time job before the end of February is my next big goal, along with completely cleaning my apartment. Going back and systematically cleaning out the nice, newly organized storage unit is priority number 4 or maybe 5 right now.

All Moved In! Completed Organization Ahead of Schedule!

Just received my 1099 statement for the year of 2009. I earned a little over $3k last year from tutoring. Just in case anyone else was tempted to make it their employment goal. A nice little something for a secondary income, but no sustainable income, let me just suggest. Time to focus energies elsewhere.

Appropos of nothing, or of finding those old photos of me from high school (take your pick), a medley of picture related songs:


Sorry I couldn’t find an actual video of this. But I’m sparing you the fan created videos…

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