Not a Date vs. Date (part II)

Date, as I said, took place tonight.

This was through the dating website I have joined, the third date I have been on as a result.

What’s a date? I asked my girlfriend. “A planned interaction.” So, going to Disneyland and California Adventure were dates, in the strict sense of the word. Or not, in the more common usage of the word.

I was to meet my date in Pasadena, at the Corner Bakery, once I got off work. I warned him I didn’t think rush hour traffic would allow me to make it to Pasadena from Westlake in 30 minutes, and he said he would make sure to bring a book. Excellent. He didn’t have to wait long, as I made it in 45 minutes.

He bought me a mocha, and we shared some cookies. We talked. When the place closed, we wandered down to Borders, which also then closed.

All told, more than two hours together were spent. We had interesting conversations. He is an unabashed geek, a little embarrassed about it, or perhaps hoping that it wouldn’t have come out so early, but it did not bother me.

At the bookstore, I told him to take me to his favorite section, and we went to the Literature section. He pointed out books he had read, and of the ones I didn’t know, I asked him what he enjoyed about them. We kept seeing various books written in connection to Jane Austen. I was looking for the one involving zombies that has come out recently. But we didn’t know the author or the title, so it made it hard to look for it.

Leaving, we both agreed we had a good time, and would we be interested in doing it again? Yes. He made sure he had my number and promised he would call next week.

Pleasant. That was the word. It was a very pleasant evening. It totally made up for the previous coffee date. There was no fireworks, nothing more than a handshake upon our meeting, but it was very comfortable and pleasant.

And besides it being a planned interaction, it was also a date in the conventional sense–two adults getting together to see if they had any interest in spending more time together. Seeing if they might like to see one another on a regular basis.

If I knew what was best for me, I would pursue something more like this.

My heart will take my brain’s suggestions under advisement.

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