She was definitely slumming, she realized, when she agreed to pick him up down the street from her place. He didn’t seem to have a car. He had called her earlier in the day from a pay phone. People actually still use pay phones? she thought.

He suggested they go to the beach, after grabbing some food or drinks. She opted for drinks. They stopped at a grocery store and he paid. At least he had some money.

They sat on the beach, the waves rolling in, visible even with just a sliver of a moon, and she got chillier and chillier. He began rubbing her legs and back to warm her up. She realized she wasn’t attracted to him when he tried kissing her. They got back in the car after she finished her two self-allotted girlie drinks.  She really wasn’t feeling anything from the drinks, perhaps because she was keeping wary. She didn’t really trust him. He suggested seeing a movie, or renting a video. She said her place wasn’t really appropriate, she meant because it was messy, but then realized it excused him from knowing where she lived. He didn’t really seem to live anywhere himself, but mentioned bouncing between his sister’s and parent’s. He mentioned applying for a place to rent in downtown later in the month, and someone offering to let him housesit in Culver City. But right now, he said he knew a place, some place of a friend’s. Just go south on Figueroa.

She definitely knew she was slumming it when she realized she was pulling into a motel. If she had felt any trepidation before, the motel room they walked into was the kicker. Mirror on the ceiling above the bed, and mirror as the headboard, and when he turned on the TV, it was black man/white woman porn, obviously what he liked. He switched it over to the Winter Olympics. She noticed a toothpick lying on the tile floor by the bed, the tile giving the impression it would be easier to clean, but not cleaned too well. The bathroom had no soap, apparently that cost extra.

What to do? She didn’t feel anything for him…. and yet here they were in a motel room. She felt tricked. How could they have watched a movie here? There wasn’t even a DVD player attached to the TV. Maybe that was extra too.

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