On the road again…..

Haven’t had time to download all the photos from the past few days, but here’s a start. Today was San Simeon for Hearst Castle, yesterday was San Luis Obispo and Big Sur. We camped above the ocean, and slept under the stars. The day before that was Santa Barbara, Solvang and Pismo Beach.

Don’t know where we are headed next, but last night our food was attacked by raccoons and scared the crap out of us. So two less apples, soy bars and surprisingly, they did not touch the butter they absconded with. They stole the food from us while we were prepping dinner, while we were sitting at the table. It was dark. We were the only ones still cooking, so we were easy game. I kept telling them to go away, shining the flashlight on them to tell them I really mean it.

We are getting more batteries for the lantern, since that was what went dim that we had to resort to the flashlight, and that’s when they appeared.

Light, it’s a good thing in nature.

Here’s the sun set on Pismo Beach from Wednesday:

Snowy Plover Territory at Surf Beach

 On the way through Lompoc, we ended up at Surf, a point on the ocean near Brandenburg Air Force Base that had a MetroLink train stop as its only point of interest. The train did not stop when it came through. And parts of the beach were closed off, for the endangered Snowy Plover breeding grounds. We only saw dead Snowy Plovers and wondered why they are endangered.

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