Lolla Tease

Well, it is shortly to be the new summer concert festival season, (with Coachella to begin a mere 16 days away in nearby Indio, CA) and so the age old practice of selling tickets before revealing the line up is again the way it’s played.

Lollapalooza tickets are on sale, and today, all the Os of band names are up. I see none that looks like it could be Modest Mouse. Look for yourself, and correct me if I am wrong.

The only ticket for a show I have purchased so far is for another show in Chicago, the Pitchfork Music Festival in mid-July, and I bought it because a) it was cheap at $90 for a 2.5 day festival and b) Modest Mouse is playing. What more reasons did I need? We will see if I actually make it.

I say that only in the sense of we shall see how my finances and ability to leave LA are at that point in time. The ticket is usually the cheapest part of a music festival, as getting there, lodging and eating are the other 3/4 of the equation.

If worse comes to worst, I go and attend only Friday to see Modest Mouse, and leave my wrist band with the person I usually stay with in Chicago to enjoy the other two days. Hopefully her wrist is small enough. Or, like I had the inclination to the first time I did Lollapalooza and had an extra ticket, I kept thinking of giving it to one of the baristas at Intelligentsia, before that coffee place invaded Los Angeles and it was still a Chicago exclusive. Someone who was working in the morning, no reason not to go enjoy themselves later in the day. For free!

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