Wish List

A practice I used to have was a wish list.

The last time I did it, I wrote all my desires on a white board, and kept the board hanging in addition to keeping track of who I owed and how much per month.

And although I didn’t look at it much, when I moved, I noticed that half of what I had desired had already taken place.

So I erased the ones I had accomplished (first trip to Burning Man, job in the entertainment business with full benefits, and something else I can’t quite remember because it was now years ago) and added some new ones.

And the next time I moved, into this soon to be condo unit that I purchased, I noticed every one of the items still on the list had also now been accomplished (buying a place of my own in LA, getting a CA real estate license, more trips and vacations of my design).

And despite this success rate, I stopped doing it.

So this time, I thought making it super public, more so than just something someone walking into my place would see, would be the way to go this time.

And then I can report on my success rate in updates.

So, here is a list of what I desire presently:

1) return to Burning Man this year 2010. (This is already in motion so will not be hard to accomplish. More later.)

2) a new full time job earning at least 55k, with fully paid health benefits and a generous and flexible schedule to allow for vacations and other things I consider fun. Or perhaps the job includes going and doing the things I consider fun, imagine that! Oh, and the new job will be one where I am appreciated for all that I bring, and full of fun, creative people doing what they love, including myself!

3) the damn novel finished, submitted and published. And being optioned as a film.

4) a beautiful, fabulous body, designed for many more decades of use. This means getting a bicycle pump and light so I can take my languishing bike for rides at any hour, maybe even some panniers to transport things with. It also means being committed to making exercise and healthy eating a regularly scheduled high priority activity. Maybe walks, bicycling, or Bikram Yoga. Maybe fruits and vegetables first, starch and dairy second. All this to become 135 lbs and with increased energy too!

5) contact lenses again.

6) a secure, loving  relationship with a great man. One who actually wants to have a child with me. And soon.

7) A new career, full time, as a writer.

8) A motorcycle, and the skills to ride it. Complete with (p)leathers for riding it, specifically designed to fit that new fabulous body of mine.

9) Land out in the desert for my future non-profit artist community.

10) A big old bash, complete with bands at a venue, to honor all the great people I have met since moving to LA.

I think that’s it for right now. Now I will print this out, post it next to my computer, and give updates as things are completed, and more things are added to my list. Thank you for reading through this, and your support in completing each and every one of these items, from just reading it, thinking positive thoughts or offering solicited advice. I know it will be a fun adventure. The funnest part will be to see how quickly I can accomplish 10 items of this!


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