Cleanliness and Houseguests

So the upcoming couchsurfing houseguests were so kind as to ask to come crash a full month in advance, check in that it was fine if they came home frequently after midnight, and discuss sleeping arrangement preferences.

So I’ve known I’ve needed to clean in order to accomodate them.

Somehow, my place has just gotten more of a disaster since the moment I decided I needed to clean it.

I did get two pieces of furniture moved to make more room, but one still doesn’t have a home or purpose, and the second piece now living in the closet begs for the closet doors to be removed to make it most useful. And removing the closet doors then asks for something else to hide the TV stand/dresser combo and that something needs to fit in color and pattern wise with the rest of the room.

The plan is a room a day to clean. How can that be possible for one who lives in a studio? Well, there are still areas.

Bathroom first. Today I went and bought new shower curtains, yellow like I have wanted, to make the room a little brighter with its lightwell only natural source of light and tannish brown with white trim painted walls the previous resident chose. I have been debating the exact tone of yellow to paint the room with, and have samples taped to the walls, and everyone visiting has put in their vote. Now I think I’ll just doing alternating yellow stripes, keeping the brown in part, only because it ties in with the rest of the color scheme of the apartment. I don’t think I will be painting before the guests arrive, but it would be the next easy step to transform the bathroom into more of what I want.

Tomorrow will be the bedroom. The doors will come off the closet, I will hang curtains, and there will be more laundry to do, some handwashing and some big loads of towels and bedsheets, and that will take care of the bedroom.

Next the kitchen. It would help if I pick a day that the water is not turned off for plumbing repairs in the building, thus why today is not a possibility. Wash the dishes, scrub the inside of the refrigerator, vacuum the crumbs out of the stove, clear off the counters and do all the recycling. Phew! Easy enough.

The day after will be the laundry area. Yes, I have a laundry area. It is totally useless, impossible to get to, and is presently acting as a storage area for seasonal items. That, and I can’t figure out how to make the dryer work. But now I have my drying rack in my apartment, so perhaps using the ever so small but environmentally friendly washing machine for weekly washings of unmentionables and towels would be a good thing. I could maybe wash one sheet at a time, that’s how not useful the size is.

And then it will be Saturday. Saturday I can tackle the very large project, known as the living room. I have plenty of things in the living room, literally stacks, that if only they had homes, then the living room could be useable. If I re-arranged it, I might even be able to use the couch as a sofa bed. But that would take some major re-arranging, I predict. Maybe even throwing out of some things.

Leaving Sunday for spill over of whatever it takes to get the living room done. And Monday? The hallway, which is turning into the coat closet and pantry area these days. If I shift this over and down, then the shelving unit I call the pantry could actually fit a little better into the kitchen area, and then the hallway would not feel quite so long and narrow, a fact I always discover when I have house guests.

So that’s the plan, and it doesn’t sound too threatening, broken down like that. It actually sounds doable.

Wish me cleaning happiness.


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