Money Stress

Nothing new there, right? Me and the rest of the nation, myself and the rest of the world?

Well, since it is coming time for me to make a final balloon payment to my private lender, I thought it would be good to figure out exactly how much I actually owe. Creating an interest calculator, I came up with a number. I have made 33 payments so far, and have three more to go. So far I have made over $17,000 in housing payments for my place. Wow. That’s progress. I had no idea I had paid so much so far. And it definitely whittles down the amount I have left owing, to something less than 70k, according to my calculations. Now that I know the number, it opens up more options of what is available to me. 70k sounds like another private loan could be in order, or something other than an outright mortgage from a bank. This makes me extremely happy, what with my lack of full time employment these days, asking for a loan from other sources for such a piddling amount sounds plausible.

All right then, anyone out there want to loan me 70k? Or maybe three somebodies at 33.3k each? I’ve got three months to figure it all out….

And that, believe or not, actually makes me feel less stressed. I have options! I’ve made tangible progress! Yay for me!

Off to tutor, and to make a small iota of income. Day 12 of continuous days in a row tutoring. And, what with walking there, I actually get my daily exercise in too. Win, win, win. Happy Friday to everyone!

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