So, having bought the new Julia Cameron book (fine, it came out last year, but it’s still new to me!), I of course got inspired to do what she calls morning pages, or modern meditation. The point is to write out in long hand all those things that are foremost in your head from the moment you wake up. Put it on the page, get it out of your head. Three pages long hand, one hour or less to do it. Spew. Froth at the mouth, get all the things that are annoying and upsetting you, stream of concious flow of thought, you may be surprised at what has been bothering you, unexpressed, just under the surface, before you put on your daily game face. The author has been doing it daily for two decades now. By doing it in the context of her books, she only asks that people do it for 12 weeks and see what sort of results they get.

Having done it before, it wasn’t hard to pick it back up again. I wonder why I stopped doing it. As stuck as I have been feeling, this is a perfect place to start to try and figure out new approaches. Sometimes the answers arise in the pages. Sometimes new lines of inquiries come up and what you thought was a problem becomes the tip of an iceberg and something radically different becomes what you are now excited about it.

The pages are sacred, like a diary. They aren’t to be shared with anyone, they aren’t to be written for an audience, they are just what comes flowing out of your hand. You can take actions on them as you wish.

So, in that spirit, I am sharing here the very end of a thought that came to me today while writing, but definitely not verbatim.

My cat expresses love by seeking my lap, and when lap not available, at least sitting very close to me, wherever he can. My mother expresses her love to me these days by sending me money, and checking in with me. I express my love by ?


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