Time for some Pictures

No room to download pictures here on the computer. But here’s what you’ve missed:

Disney Booty

Believe it or not, Disney sells shot glasses. There were even shotglasses for the Tower of Terror and the Disneyland Resort itself. Kind of unbelievable for the family friendly folks of Disney. I personally was shocked. And yes, I am a closet Nightmare Before Christmas fan. Something to do with a former housemate’s seven year old loving the movie and watching it every night, to be followed by another housemate coming home and re-playing it every night when he got home, and me walking in regardless, to it playing in the living room for a few months continuously. But I liked it before then too. You will not see me proclaiming my fandom with a Jack Skellington backpack though. This is it, an oversized mug I was told by the store clerks is not even microwave-able, and a shot glass I will probably never use but will go up on the shelf with my other collected shot glasses.

Birthday Wine

And here was the birthday wine consumed that gave me a fabulous hangover the following morning. Drunk in the privacy of my home, I was at least responsible in that sense, but the experience makes me an even stronger advocate of making sure there is food in the belly before imbibing. But this was the sweet part: these were purchased within a few hours of me inviting friend Chris to come celebrate my birthday with me, the selections are appropriately geared to the destinations of our (at the time) impending road trip: San Simeon for our visit to Hearst Castle, and Robert Mondavi for our planned wine tasting/blending up in Napa Valley.

I shot this picture just today, as I am in the midst of major recycling in the kitchen, and once drunk, really, what is the point of saving an empty bottle? A picture does it justice for the memory just fine….


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