Montana Bound

Yes, you read that right. My mother’s wishes are coming true. I have agreed to come live with the parents for a whole three weeks. Woo-hoo!

Right now I am working on getting the specifics of my tutorees, exactly how many hours I still need to tutor them. Some of them had unaccounted hours before I began tutoring them, which is why it is even a question. That is the only thing that is preventing me from taking off this instant. All my obvious other obligations are done as of yesterday, and once I determine if I will actually be tutoring through the Memorial Day Weekend, off I shall go.

The job market in Great Falls and nearby (two hours away) Helena is heating up, I can say. I have been monitoring the job listings via Craigslist. There’s a nice receptionist position for a local radio network available. The summer season crew of waitstaff and bartenders is needed at a few local eateries my parents even frequent. And hotel desk clerks and housekeepers are needed for a newly re-imaged motel on the main commercial drag. And if I want to live near Yellowstone, a tour company wants a jack of all trades assistant, and will provide a place to live for the season, while a bakery in Helena is hiring for their kitchen.

I have to be back mid-June for a pre-existing commitment in Los Angeles, so the only real debate is whether to bring the cat or not. I think not, only because I will be visiting friends along the way, and I won’t just be driving the straight 18 hour shot up Interstate 15. Otherwise I would. If I do get a job, then the thing to do is come back for my previous commitment, and pick up the cat then, and hopefully find someone willing to rent, all within a weekend’s amount of time.

In addition to the job prospects, I also took a look at the dating prospects. Remember, this is Craigslist, but I felt this one really epitomizes my options:

“Hello ladies of Great Falls! Been a few months, but the man is back! Need a new sub(or subs)for fun this weekend, April 16-19th. You need to be: Intelligent, clean, ATHLETIC, not a drunk ‘ho, have more going on for you than singing karaoke in a bar every night of the week. Must have great personality. Must be TRUTHFUL. Must enjoy and be experienced in the world of BDSM. You MUST BE DDF. Pathological liars need NOT apply. Most women in GF even remotely involved with BDSM know who I am, anyway, so no big surprises. Must NOT be married…Adultery is a sin, ya know. Political idealogy not really important, but if you’ve murdered an unborn child, please drop dead. You will be subjugated and dominated…must like bondage, S&M…etc. All the great stuff that goes with the life. I Am: Athletic, experienced(owned Subs on 4 different continents!), intelligent, and a Yankee fan. If your weekend is open, drop me a line.”

Wow. All the italics and bolding are entirely mine. This posting would so not fly down here in L.A. Besides being a Yankees fan, the very idea that someone’s politics is irrelevant? What on earth would these two people have to talk about? Oh right, he wants an intelligent female but there was no mention of any actual conversation. But obviously Christian ideology would be most compatible. I’m just not sure where in the Bible it mentions having multiple (unmarried) partners for consensual bondage/dominant/sado (or is that submissive?)/masochistic sex is okay or encouraged, but ya know, you have to choose your priorities.

But I was surprised to find there even is a small BDSM community in Great Falls, small not very liberal city that it is. The university cities of Missoula and Bozeman wouldn’t surprise me, but Great Falls? Good to know. Not sure how useful it is to know it, but there you go. This is what I have to look forward to. Nights of singing karaoke at the local bars, I guess. 🙂

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