Montana Prospects

So using Yelp, I found someplace I definitely want to go visit when up in Montana. Here’s the link:

I especially love the part of the Darryl Hannah mermaid lore. Even small places in Montana have a piece of Hollywood history.

Mike T.’s testimony is the best endorsement:

“Just to make sure everyone understands, you sit at the bar and look at a giant window that looks into a pool with women dressed as mermaids. Alright lets move on.  A woman named Pat [not a mermaid] with ‘poof ball’ white hair plays such hits as “Take me out to the Ballgame” on an Organ situated in the middle of the bar. I ordered a “Fish Bowl” which was about a gallon of booze that looked like Windex and tasted like a sugar plantation. Then I started talking to some girls on a basketball team…..[scene missing]…….tripped…..[scene missing]…….what do you mean I cant pee here?………….[scene missing]……something about hunters rights and why Montana should subsidize moose hunting. At no point did I get laid. Go to the Sip N Dip before you die.”

I never even knew this place existed in Great Falls. Now I must visit. More things to look forward to.

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