LA to Montana, Montana to LA

It seems weird to be sitting here in Montana, still receiving emails as if I’m in LA. It’s made deleting things in my inbox a lot easier. Will I be in LA when this event being announced takes place? No. Not a chance of going. Delete.

And that without even knowing when I am returning.

The other thing I notice is how in this modern age of technology my being at a “remote” location doesn’t prevent me from making a difference in the metropolis and conversations I care about most.

A current fun project I follow is the LA Street Car project. Originally I got involved by attending meetings for Bringing Back Broadway. There was talk about how to vitalize the Broadway section of downtown, with its fine assortment of original movie theatres, each representing an advancement in technology at the beginning of the last century. This one started out as a nickolodean and was part of the vaudevillean circuit,

Clune's Own Broadway

this one introduced talkies, this one introduced the films of the first “independent” studio, etc. Broadway and its theatres is a history of the movie making business. (Thank you, LA Conservancy for your walking tours so I could know this!) So there was talk about how to draw people to downtown, what to make as a draw. There was talk of a street car to go up and down Broadway.

Now they’ve given up on that idea as being too small, and have embraced a street car alignment that would encircle all of downtown, connecting with the light rail and subways that already exist in LA, and are planned for the future. No reason to miss any part of downtown, just hop on the streetcar and get yourself there.

Here’s the new map of where they think it ought to go.

And I can keep track of this, and offer input, all from the comfort of my local library or coffee place with wifi.

But not just I, but anyone.

With technology, distance is no longer an excuse for not participating in a democracy. I can drop an email, I can post a tweet or a blog posting, or what have you. I can participate.

And no one in LA would be any the wiser for my not being in the actual city limits. They still call a local number, I still answer on my cell phone, which no longer tells me I am roaming when I am in my parents’ state.

Right now, the sun has finally come out after rains this morning. It is ten degrees cooler than LA right now, and I would guess the air is a whole lot cleaner.

And yet, I somehow miss LA, which is home to me now.

It’s been nice, visiting, but it is time to go home soon. A few more tasks to do to take of the business I came up here to attend to, and then back home.

But thank god for the internet, wifi, cell phone and my laptop. Have power, will travel. As anyone else can too.

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