So a day has passed with no cat,truly a first in decades for me.

This is what I miss: warm and furry lap warmer, hello greetings when I walk in the door, cuddles at night, a small, carefully clawed prod at my face to wake me in the morning after the alarm has gone off and the physical presence of something else alive in my apartment. I will also miss the very accurate assessment of anyone I brought over to my apartment, as Hamlin always let me know how he felt with either hiding or coming out to meet my guests.

I don’t miss the clawed snags on clothing, my skirts, my pants, my stockings. He much preferred clothing over furniture, for which I am grateful. I don’t miss the almost being tripped on the way to the bathroom every morning as Hamlin too tried to race me to his litter box, timed to arrive at the exact same moment. I don’t miss the numerous times I spent sopping up the water when Hamlin decided his water was insufficiently refreshed, and he’d much rather tip over the glass and watch the water pool on the hardwood floors and papers and whatever else was on the floor near his glass.

But truly, those were my only complaints. As cats go, those are all pretty minor. If I were a clothes horse / fashionista, I’m sure the snagging claws would have been reason enough to get rid of him, but I can always buy more clothes, was my feeling. And without a cat, now I can go get nice clothes and not worry about them being ruined. Just my usual wear and tear to ruin them now. Now I can go on road trips and not have to get a cat sitter or take him with me. I can even bug bomb the apartment, and not worry about it impacting his health. There is a chance I can now get rid of all the cockroaches, safely. And the bits of litter that always would get tracked out of the bathroom because he would leap from the litter box and into the hallway before shaking his paws out will now be ended. There is no longer any excuse for untidiness or odors. It’s all me now, all me and my own messes.

All is good. No cat in my life right now, and I do not doubt that another will present itself when the time is right, as they always have in the past. Hamlin himself was a found cat, about two days after I had put my last cat who died of kidney failure to sleep after months of daily IV treatments. I will enjoy this newly cat-less existence while it lasts, and continue to mourn in passing moments.

I am feeling that adage about one door closing and another opening, but I don’t know where the new door is leading to. Time will tell. Thank you all for your heartfelt sympathy. I even received a card from the vets already today, with a hand written note from the attending veterinarian. The Hamlin door is definitely shut.

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