Looking for a Good Home

So I’m walking down Sunset in Silverlake after getting my morning mocha, and come across a posting offering a 14 year old mostly indoor cat to a good home, because a new born infant has turned allergic to the cat.

I thought about it, I really did. 14 years old, who knows how much longer she would live– could be another 10 or so years, could be significantly less. And mostly indoors would adjust well to the indoors only that I could offer her presently. Except, and I hate to be prejudicial, she is a calico, and calicos and I have never gotten along. Calicos and tortoiseshells, nope. I’m more of a tabby or siamese lynx point fan, we always get along. I have rescued several of both.

I wish the very generous owners of Snickers all the luck in the world finding her a new home, as they are willing to pay for her food and future vet bills, to ensure she is well taken care of.

So if you happen to be in the market for a new cat yourself, just walk a few telephones east of Intelligentsia & the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, and you’ll see the notice, looking for a good home for Snickers.

She’s just not the one for me. Not yet. But I was sort of looking. But I thought about my impending trips to Chicago and Nevada this summer, and I thought, not time yet. After September would be better. If the right cat crosses my path. Then I would consider it. Who knows what or who else might be in my life by then.

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