Like I said, busy, busy, busy.

And again, exactly when did this happen, that my life got so busy?

Today: drove to new job site for training. Got a phone call I wasn’t expecting on the way, and pulled over to have a half hour conversation. Thank goodness I gave myself a full hour to make it to the training site. So much for coffee though. Training lasted from 9 to 1. Drove home, it was hot hot hot. Could not wait to get out of my clothes.

Got home in time to call Virginia to make arrangements to do a wire transfer to complete my mortgage final balloon payment. Except the Virginia bank had decided it was close enough to closing time to not bother answering their phone so I called my bank to find out what I need to do at this end.

Received a couple of phone calls, one from my new supervisor asking if I could give another trainee a ride to the training site on Wednesday and Friday if he could make it to my home. Sure, I said. How casual and trusting, I thought. He called me later tonight to make arrangements for where and when he should meet me, and parking details. Someone else called for information that I had, that I just needed to email her.

Began getting ready for a phone call I had scheduled at 6 to someone in Kansas. Got ready for my next call at 6:30, which meant I was missing my building’s board meeting, but they already knew I would be absent. Call ended at 7:30, went to Executive Session of the Board Meeting. Got done at nearly nine, made another phone call to yet someone else, left a message.

Now it is 9:30 and I still have many things to do. Continue working on a spreadsheet due later tonight, printing and organizing some handouts due at the printer tomorrow for a course this weekend. Except of course I have a splitting headache and would really rather just vegetate. Maybe I will watch a little online video, sip a rum and coke and see how I feel in about an hour?

Tomorrow is another busy day with buying supplies for the printer, (I provide the paper I want it on, he gives me a severely discounted price to make the copies) going to the bank in person to set up this massive wire transfer, paying some bills and parking tickets, mailing them off, returning library books, picking up dry cleaning….. the little stuff details that if they don’t get handled, just add up to be ridiculous expenses. I hope to squeeze in at least some good coffee. And some more work tomorrow night to train someone else and more phone calls…. Each day of this week is just a little more packed full than the day before, it would seem. Could be my last chance to watch videos, truthfully, for about another two weeks!

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