Ghoulish Discovery

even makes the news. All the way at the bottom is the video broadcast on KTLA that I am referring to, which I can’t seem to embed.

Okay, that’s the current story. I don’t even want to get into the factual errors — Gloria is not our building manager but officially our janitor; we live in the XX00 block of XXXXX not the 800 block of Lake; it is not an apartment building and thus there is no building owner, since we each own our own units, and have since it was built; there are no current renovations going on, but yes, the building’s former ballroom is being cleaned and cleared out; there is no official cleaning crew, but various people pitching in, or salvagers for scrap metal taking available items; the dresser shown in the video was not what the bodies were found in, blah, blah, blah….

The news reporting vans with their satellite uplink towers reaching for the sky are still camped out in front of the building, and have been since I left this morning at 8:20. Little did I know then what the story was.

Flashback, Monday night.

On Monday night, there was a board meeting, and as a board member, we held executive session in the basement ballroom, as we always do. I was sitting there, listening to our management firm’s representative speak, and noticed that very near her foot was a dead mouse. Hmm. I didn’t want her getting that on her shoe. Next to our meeting table were three steamer trunks. We commended Gloria for all the work she had done organizing clearing out the ballroom, a project she had been working on for several months at this point, but something that had come to a head recently for specific deadline reasons. The ballroom had to be cleaned out, and no longer used for storage. A dumpster had been rented to haul the unwanted items away. Various owners who had been storing items for years just told Gloria to deal with them how she saw fit, and many items turned out to be unclaimed, and Gloria had enlisted help posting things on Craig’s List. She was debating about the steamer trunks, which appeared to be in gorgeous shape. I was looking at them, thinking if she was selling any of them, perhaps I could ask to buy one, and end up with a coffee table/vintage extra storage.

The mouse I removed from under the table while the meeting continued, and as the representative asked what I was doing, I told her I was moving a dead mouse, to which she Eeked! in fright. Another board member told me there were mummified remains of another mouse further down the roll of extra hallway carpeting but I didn’t feel motivated enough to go find it. At the end of our meeting, I threw the dead mouse into the dumpster out back, carefully held in a plastic bag, and scooped up with a piece of cardboard.

And then, this morning, I see the news vehicles. Odd, I think, as I couldn’t tell what building they were trying to cover. Across from us is a Union headquarters building, and they often have press rallies and such with lots of publicity. Makes parking difficult on those days. Another building across from us is a home for young men, and its dedication had the mayor out and lots of news vans then too.

It wasn’t until this afternoon that I got an email from a fellow board member mentioning the newsworthy event. And it was phrased in such a way of, ‘by now you know about this….’ when in fact, it was the first I had heard about it!

Flash forward to now.


As you hear in the news story, lots of speculation running rampant. What better fuel for a movie? You know the phrase:


I’m seeing a mash up of the very period pieces The Devil’s Backbone meets The Cat’s Meow. Creepy, spooky, and yet an underlying story of love. And you get a little history lesson at the same time. That’s what I’m thinking….. Should start penning it here soon.

Ahh, a more accurate news article. Enough time to have gotten facts straight, thank goodness. Thank you community sponsored, local radio.

One Response to “Ghoulish Discovery”

  1. Carol Elaine Says:

    Wow. That’s…really freaky. And creepy.

    Is it weird that I’m thankful you didn’t happen to purchase that steamer trunk before anyone else could open it?

    Seriously, this gave me chills. And that ain’t easy to do.

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