New Quarter, New Rules

So the two year training program I am in just completed its third quarter of the year, and we had our classroom last night to complete it.

I finished reading Julia Cameron’s book, Finding Water today. That was something I said I would do for myself over the quarter. Check. I didn’t always write every week, and rarely every day of the week as I should, and I didn’t always read a chapter each week, but here it is done, despite myself.

This new quarter, for fun, I decided I will take on writing a poem a day. They may get posted up here, but if they really suck, I won’t punish you. I usually have to write a few to get to what I consider a good one, and I don’t always have time to do that.

I also announced in classroom last night that I expect to hear from the museum tomorrow, as that is when the semi-finalists are announced. The Museum didn’t say how many would be winnowed, as I am sure they had no idea how many would submit. But I am on tenderhooks. Ooh, better go to bed early, since they are two hours ahead. I don’t want to answer the phone while sleepy and forget I won because I went back to sleep. (It’s happened before involving arrangements for a final paycheck….)

What else? I have noticed caffeine and I are not in agreement currently. It has been leading to my heart beat being very irregular, not a good thing for someone with a naturally pretty slow heart rate. If it stops for a little longer than usual, I can feel the blood not quite everywhere in my body, and on the verge of passing out. Boom! Then it pumps again, making me jump. So I think I will be giving up the caffeine for the next three months. Or at least limiting it severely, and not drinking it every day like I am currently.

And I am in talks with someone who wants to hire me as an as-needed consultant to do what needs to be done for putting out a local magazine. I am stymied in my reply, because I don’t know what to charge as an hourly rate! I want to do it, and have no idea what to charge, and don’t want to overcharge and not get the work.

And I start my two jobs next week. Still tutoring, but now one has multiple students at a time, and as I get paid the same rate for each of student, I have the potential for more per hour!

And, that’s it. I will stop saying “And” at the beginning of each sentence. That’s the new and beautiful. The balloon payment for the mortgage has been paid, I am the full owner of my unit, no one else has claim to it now, financially I am looking a little better able to take care of myself these days, life is good.

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