Contest Results

So I got an email today, stating I did not make it to the semi-finalist level of the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry’s Month at the Museum contest. There were 1500 applicants. Some of the videos submitted will be shown on their own YouTube channel soon. The actual semi-finalists will be announced tomorrow.

I was sad at first. I really had wanted to win, if just to the semi-finals for sure.

Then I got annoyed at myself. I waited until the last minute, I could have done something more spectacular, more planned, more assembled, rather than winging it the last week. It is typical that I waited until the last minute to get the creative juices going, and as a result, it was not as fine of work as I aspire to. Those who have seen it know it could have been better. For a first time video with me starring in it, I was pretty happy with the result. As script writer, actor and location scout, and then as script editor, I thought I did a fabulous job, personally, again since this was the first time I had done it. But when I had the final package, I thought about things like rapping the whole thing, (which would have been hilarious since I don’t rap) or having a crawl on the bottom the video with random science facts tied to the video itself.

But that is the way of my life, to wait until the last possible moment. Thus why I got upset with myself.

And then, when I had passed through that, I realized that I had been planning two parallel timelines, one if I ended up in Chicago, and another if I didn’t. So now I am back on track to fill the void not being a winner offers me. I can celebrate Halloween for one, possibly in San Francisco. I can participate in the NaNoWriMo contest this year in the month of November. Those are the two big ones.

And, having taken on this project, seen the results I got, I see how much my community wants to support and encourage me. I just need to have big projects for them to participate in.

So now, it is simply time to get back in action creating my non-profit artist’s community/retreat and scholarship program, so that everyone who wants to try out being creative, can!

So the lesson learned was I need big projects, and I have a great community to draw upon to make things happen.

Thank you all!

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