Random Photos

Here are some random shots of my neighborhood taken in the last week or so.

Blessed Be This Truck

Yes, that’s the blessed virgin of ??? posted front and center over the shoulder of the driver. Good placement, as she can see exactly what the driver sees.

My Doppelganger Car

Same make, model, year, color, and we both park in the same neighborhood. What are the chances? I actually was walking towards his car, rather than mine, when I realized I was about to pass my car. He usually parks a couple blocks further down than I do, but this time I was further east than usual, he was further west. So our paths crossed. If ever he puts his up for sale, I want to buy his for parts! He doesn’t have a dent in his door, but he is missing the decorative side strip that so many other Jetta owners lost too. And maybe he doesn’t have a broken cup holder in the back, or missing seat buckle covers like I do. So you can see why I keep my eye on his car!

Big Plate O' Meat

So this billboard hangs directly across the street from the grocery store it is advertising. No problem. But that plate of meat? It isn’t even appetizing. Even not speaking as a vegetarian, there’s just something not right about this picture. For one, I can’t actually identify what kind of meat it is supposed to be. Chicken? Beef? Is it just prepared as a dish I am unfamiliar with, and that’s why it seems so odd to me? Anyway, I’m hoping this billboard doesn’t stay up for years on end. It’s great that the empty store that had been vacant for most of my time here in this neighborhood finally has a tenant again, but let’s hope they change their billboard once in a while.

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