Mr. Not So Bright

The following is a true story, told by a relative of the person I am talking about.

B grew up in a small town, where once the canneries, tugboat and mill jobs prospered. But with endangered species, logging in foreign countries and other assorted woes to take jobs away, the town now had few employment prospects.  Graduating from high school without adding to the population was now a measure of success. Making or dealing meth was now a popular job opportunity.

B managed to graduate from high school without kids, but what he really enjoyed was fishing and hunting and hanging with his guy friends. Leaving his truck parked places that got him tickets, and drinking beers with his friends eventually got his truck impounded and his license taken away. So he started riding his bike everywhere. He lost a lot of weight. His baby fat that had haunted him since babyhood melted away. His mom was proud of him, how his adversity had turned into a good thing.

What mom didn’t know, and didn’t want to see, was her son had discovered drugs. Coke, in particular. He used, and he dealt. One day, he sold to an undercover cop. He got busted.

His mom, who had grown up and mostly always lived in this small town, had gone to school with the DA that was prosecuting him. She pled on her beloved son’s behalf, and the sentence got reduced to probation. He was a good kid, B was. He deserved a second chance, as only a mom could see his perfections.

Six months later, he was busted for dealing coke again.

He sold it to the exact same undercover cop. He spent 9 months in a federal prison as a result. 

B has since moved back in with his mom again, and now works as a dishwasher.

Learn from B’s mistake. If you are going to sell illegal drugs, at least remember the faces of the people you sell to. And don’t ever try selling again to the same person who busted you in the first place, as he probably still holds the same job.

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