Full Days

The days just keep getting fuller.

And today, now, at nearly 10 pm, I am finally able to get on to the things that relate to my personal life. It was almost as if I had a real workday.

I’ve been going full speed since 8 this morning, when I had to move the car and bribe myself with expensive once-a- week Intelligentsia coffee to get through my paperwork. Today all my tutoring hours had to be submitted, and with nearly 15 students, that was a lot of papers to be signed and shuffled through. Things were going well. I was keeping to my time schedule, and time to go home and scan all the documents needed in after making photocopies of various things. That’s the beauty of my new employer, they believe in utilizing technology. So lots of scanning documents. I just need to use lots of memory, but they get what they need and I can keep the originals. Except for one document, which is the legal agreement between the company and parent, so those had to be dropped off. By five pm.

At 4:30 I was in the parking lot of my employer after having dropped those off. All right! Paid work completed by deadline, with thirty minutes to spare. On to my volunteer obligations, as a board member of my building Home Owner’s Association. Tonight was our monthly board meeting, and I had my friend Diego coming who would be doing a presentation of his work. What he needed was a projector, so the common area internet connection (paid for by our home owner dues) and the borrowed laptop (provided by our board’s secretary) could show for the homeowner’s forum what he had been up to with our next door neighbors, Freedom House. We only found out that he had been working with the population (as a multi-media collaborative project) of the house next door, when he dropped me off one night after having coffee, and he mentioned he had been working with them for a few months. How funny! While I lived here, he had been busy next door, and we hadn’t met one another yet.

So a projector, that’s what I was off to find now. Burbank seemed the place to go, what with Fry’s and a Best Buy right next door to one another. And I had an hour and 45 minutes to find, locate and purchase the cheapest projector I could find to do the job.

Oh my goodness, who knew that projectors were so expensive? I figured I could find something cheap-o, schmeap-o in the less than $129 or so price range. I mean, the real work is done by the computer, the projector just projects, right? But no, $300 or so was the cheapest I could find at Best Buy. And I just didn’t really have the time (or money) to investigate the larger selection I found at Fry’s. I have an account at Best Buy, but nothing at Fry’s. So not really an option. And time to hop in the car and turn around and go back home.

I made it in time to meet Diego at our agreed upon time. Even had time to change my clothes. And the presentation began, with one of my fellow home owners being completely rude to our guest and attacking everything he said, after my friend said specifically he didn’t know much about the history, but only the actual residents and what the residence was about. Yay.

Then it was the actual meeting, Diego left, and we had to talk over the raised voice of one of the residents who was slandering another resident….. then it was on to executive session down in the basement, in our new conference room, the one I had suggested we use during the massive cleaning of the basement, since it was too small for much else. New table, new chairs, and freshly painted white walls. There are no windows in our new room, as it is under a staircase, so we got to hear people running up and down, and didn’t have to worry about our voices bothering anyone living in the unit above. When my fellow board member/secretary and I walked in and we appraised our new room, I thought card game room. Poker perhaps. He nodded vigorously. Or, just another room that people could use to maybe study or such. We have a lot of USC and LA College students in the building. Or spread out to do paperwork, was what I was really thinking.

When our board meeting ended, we were paused in front of our new “public” to the building residents’ bathrooms that we recently renovated to working order (all of these recent projects have a two-fold purpose: to potentially make our building  money making with storage rental and possible film projects and period space rental and to also utilize the rooms we have in our basement for the 94 unit community we live in, by having communal space for a gaming room, a TV room, and the ballroom available for parties) when I asked when we intended to do a painting party. Half the board complained about the lime green trim of both bathrooms and told me that if I wanted to buy paint and paint, feel free.

“What colors” I asked.

Whatever I wanted.

I started laughing. “I could do the really obvious, since one is supposed to be the girl’s and one the boy’s….”

“….and paint one blue and one pink!” the group finished.

“Or maroon and teal.”

But only the trim.

Yet another project on my plate. But not now. Maybe in October, when I have some free time again. Now it’s time to go read a manual and wash the dishes. Or go to bed, to catch up on my missed sleep from the weekend, having driven out to the Clean Air, Clear Stars music festival in Pioneertown, an epic event. More later……

And remember, Mondays are my day off from work. I look forward to tomorrow, when I work, and have a little more down time!

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